Urban Decay Alice Through The Looking Glass Palette Review

I love Urban Decay and Alice in Wonderland but sadly I missed the first palette they did. In all honesty I thought that I was going to miss out on this palette as well until my lovely boyfriend bought it for me as a cheer up gift – thank you so much Simon! This is an absolutely stunning palette so I’ve going to delve straight into the review.
So this is the beautiful Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland/Alice Through the Looking Glass Palette and it’s amazing. The outside packaging has this psychodelic surreal artwork with the inside having a mirror,similar artwork and this little passage saying: “I’m not strange, weird, off, nor crazy, my reality is just different from yours. This palette cost £43.00 and is comprised of twenty beautiful eyeshadows and the usual double ended brush.
ntterfly shades
Inside the little compartment we have this beautiful ornamental, plastic butterfly which is such a nice touch, and then we have a pull out tray housing the eyeshadows and the brush. There’s an array of eyeshadows from subtle shimmers, neutrals, jewel tones and smoky shades and I wear them all! The brush also has this unique design to match the palette.
Each eyeshadow column corresponds to a different character so you can create their looks or you can mix and match the shades for your own unique looks.
looking glass to meta hatter to cakelily to chessboardheads will roll to royal flushtime to mirrpr
Starting with the leftmost column we have Alice’s look consisting of: (from top to bottom)
Looking Glass: A pale pink white pearl shade
Reflection: A nude beige matte
Dormouse: A warm mid toned brown
Metamorphosis: A cobalt blue with a satin finish.

Next we have Mad Hatter’s look consisting of: (from top to bottom)
Hatter: A bright grass green with a slight satin shimmer
Gone Mad: A deep purple with slight glitter and a matte finish
Paradox: A bright shimmery orange
Cake: A rich fuschia with a pearly sheen.

Next is Mirana’s look consisting of: (from top to bottom)
Lily: A white duochrome with a pink shift and a pearly finish
Duchess: A medium peach with a frosted finish.
Kingdom: A medium rosy brown with a frosted finish.
Chessboard: An earthy brown with slight warm toned and a matte finish.

Next is Iracebeth’s look consisting of: (from top to bottom)
Heads Will Roll: A light turquoise shimmer with slight gold microglitter.
Bandersnatch: A deep indigo matte shade.
Salazen Grum: A coppery red with shimmer.
Royal Flush: An off white with shimmer.

Finally is Time’s look consisting of: (from top to bottom)
Time a deep blackened blue with shimmer
Dream On: A pale lilac with glitter
Chronosphere: A rich deep bronze brown with shimmer
Mirror: A satin grey with shimmer
swatches 1-4
(Top to bottom: Looking glass, Reflection, Dormouse, Metamorphosis.)
swatches 4-8
(Top to bottom: Hatter, Gone Mad, Paradox, Cake.)
swatches 8-12
(Top to bottom: Lily, Duchess, Kingdom, Chessboard.)
swatches 12-16
(Top to bottom: Heads will roll, Bandersnatch, Salazen Grum, Royal Flush.)
swatches 16-20
(Top to bottom: Time, Dream On, Chronosphere, Mirror.)

In my opinion these are buttery, beautiful eyeshadows, fall out is a bit of an issue with these but as someone who applies their eye makeup first, this isn’t really a problem for me. The only dud shade really is Dream On which has minimal pigmentation but 1/20 isn’t bad at all. I never thought I’d like a palette more than my belived Vice 3 but this is beautiful.

The shadows all have good staying power and I’m able to get roughly about eight hours wear out of them, they all blend nicely even shades such as Bandersnatch which I was a little apprehensive about the blendability. I’ve also put together some looks to showcase these.
warm 3
Paradox – Lid
Salazen Gum – Crease
Duchess – Inner Corners
Chronosphere – Lower Lash Line
Reflection – Brow Highlight and Base.
mermaid look 1
Heads Will Roll – Lid
Bandersnatch – Crease and Outer Corners and blended onto lid
Time – Lower Lash Line
Metamorphosis – Inner Corners
lilac 5
Looking Glass – Base and up to brow bone
Lily – Lid
Dream On – Crease
Gone Mad – Outer Corners
Kingdom – Lower Lash Line
Royal Flush – Inner Corners
green 2
Hatter – Lid (with Kiko Cosmetics Crystal Eyelinerin Green on the upper lash line)
Dormouse – Inner Corner
Chessboard – Crease and Socket
Mirror – Lower Lash Line
blue and pink
Metamorphosis – Lid
Bandersnatch – Crease and Outer Corners
Cake – Lower Lash Line

Overall, I love this palette, I know that some people have been complaining about pigmentation and shade issues but I haven’t really found that with this other than Dream On, I’m really pleased to own this and in my opinion it is worth the hype I will get a lot of wear out of this. Unfortunately this seems to be sold out everywhere at the moment, but I’d recommend that you keep an eye out online and in stores to try and pick this up as it is a limited edition!

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button, let me know in the comments if you have or are wanting this palette and if you have it let me know what you think of it and what your favourite shades are.

Thanks for reading.

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