Top Ten Bodycare Brands

Bodycare is something that I like to pay attention, I mean hygiene is important so we may as well enjoy it by using some lovely products right? These are my top ten bodycare brands and I’ll be including a few recommendations as well so you can see how great these are.
1) The Body Shop
I love the Body Shop and I have done for years they always manage to get some amazing products out, I have a couple of makeup pieces but it’s all about their body butters in my mind especially when they’re on offer!
I recommend: Frosted Cranberry Body Butter, Glazed Apple Body Mist, Passionberry Born Lippy.

2) Grace Cole England
Grace Cole is a brand that I originally discovered in the House of Fraser one summer and I’m obsessed with her Fruitworks range, if like me, you love the smell of anything fruity then it’s definitely worth a try.
I recommend: Passionfruit and Guava Body Mist, Coconut and Lime Shower Gel.

3) I love…
I love is a brand that I’m enjoying more with each product that I try. I’m not a fan of the Strawberries and Cream range but their lip balms and body mists are quite nice plus they’re budget friendly as well.
I recommend: Coconut and Cream Lip Balm, Mango and Papaya Body Mist.

4) Impulse
We’ve all enjoyed at least Impulse body spray in our lives right? No? Oh well, I certainly did and I have a little collection going on in my room.
I recommend: Tease Body Spray, Secret Smile Body Spray, Romantic Spark Body Spray.

5) L’Occitane
I don’t always indulge in L’Occitane simply because of the prices but the few products that I’ve tried by them I’ve absolutely adored and both have been hand creams.
I recommend: Almond Milk Hand Cream, Zesty Lime Hand Cream

6) Lush
I couldn’t do a bodycare post without mentioning Lush that would have been a sin surely? Jokes aside, I adore Lush I love their skincare as well as their body care products but let’s be honest it’s their bodycare that we all love so much, especially as the bath products moisturise as well as smelling great.
I recommend: Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleroon, The Comforter Bubblebar.

7) Nivea
Nivea are mainly known for their skincare but they do some really nice shower creams that are really luxurious feeling yet super budget friendly. My all time favourite has to be their Cashmere Moments it’s like pure bliss in the shower!
I recommend: Cashmere Moments Shower Cream, Happy Touch Shower Cream

8) Radox
Radox is another body brand that I love it’s old school and not talked about much but their products are amazing. Their bath soaks are absolutely amazing for sore muscles plus their shower creams smell gorgeous as well!
I recommend: Eastern Spirit Feel Good Bath Soak, Coconut Kiss Shower Cream, Berry Burst Shower Cream.

9) Soap and Glory
I’m hit and miss with Soap and Glory often finding that I either love or loathe their products although there’s only really the Hand Food that I dislike. I’m obsessed with their Hand Dream Super Cream at the moment and they do some lovely body products.
I recommend: Hand Dream Super Cream, The Righteous Butter.

10) Superdrug
Last but not least is Superdrug’s own branded bath and body stuff, cruelty free, vegan and budget friendly you really get it all with their products. I’ve recently used up their body butter which I absolutely loved and I can’t wait to try more by them.
I recommend: Cherry and Macadamia Body Butter

That concludes this post, if you enjoyed this please hit the like button and let me know if you will be trying any of these recommendations, also please leave your favourite body brands in the comments for me to try!

Thanks for reading.


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