The Perfume Bible By Josephine Fairley and Lorna McKay Review

Reading will always be a firm hobby of mine I guess it comes within the territory of enjoying writing so much. I don’t tend to read many beauty related books in all honesty as I find them a bit bland, I did enjoy Sali Hughes’ Pretty Honest and I decided to give The Perfume Bible a try as I was particularly excited by the prospect of “100 perfumes to try before you die” and I’ve ordered perfume boxes from The Perfume Society (founders of the society and authors of the Perfume Bible), sadly I found this a little lacking.
perfume bible
The Perfume Bible is this huge, flat hardback book which I have to say as an absolute pain to hold, store and read, I would have much prefered a slimmer version that was more compact it’s like those perfumes in those giant bottles that you just know you can’t lug around and is forever falling off of your dresser. This book retails for £20-25 from the official Perfume Society website but I got this for £10.00 from Amazon.
The contents page reveals plenty of different chapters, some of the chapters I quite enjoyed such as the timeline featuring a history of perfume bottles but some of them I found a little dull such as the endless descriptions of different perfume terminologies. I did find that the voice within this book was a bit off with the authors coming across as kind of snobby at times “obviously you will know…” but then patronising at other times. I did also feel that this had a heavy focus on a) expensive perfumes and b) floral and classic perfumes, for a book that has quite fun illustrations I would have hoped for something that involved a true range of perfumes rather than just expensive perfume houses such as Guerlain and Chanel.
Within the book there’s plenty of these quote pages they’re a nice idea in a way as they’re all perfume related but I do feel that these pages could have been used for more content, with Instagram being full of inspiring and feminine quotes I didn’t feel like this was necessary in this book, it might have been better to have the quotes at the bottom of each page rather than taking up an entire page with a few words.
illustrations 2 illustrations
ne thing that really did impress me in this book was the illustrations, I love the concept art of the different perfume bottles to the left we have YSL’s Opium and to the right Thierry Mugler’s Angel, I have to say these are beautiful and I’d happily have these as art on my walls!
top 100 perfumes
I was quite excited for the 100 perfumes to try, there was a few indie perfumes in there and I was hoping for a broad mix catering to lovers of different scent families – especially considering the large chunk at the beginning discussing each family. I found only two gourmand fragrances and next to no fruity scents that were mentioned whereas there was at least three different Guerlain perfumes mentioned throughout repeatedly, Mitsuoko, Shalimar etc.

Overall, I was disappointed with this it felt like it catered to a very specific audience, the name suggests that it’s quite a youthful book aimed at young adults but the recommendations and the content is focused for the older lady who can afford expensive perfumes regularly. Personally, I don’t think I’d recommend this and I definitely wouldn’t repurchase.

The Perfume Bible is available online at The Perfume Society or on stores such as Amazon.

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3 Responses to The Perfume Bible By Josephine Fairley and Lorna McKay Review

  1. rachelhailesx says:

    I really wanted this book myself but if it doesn’t have a variety of perfumes and scents then I really don’t think I want it now! Great review, very insightful. xxx

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