Maybelling Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner in Black Review

Of all of the different types of eyeliner, cake, liquid, kohl, felt tip and gel I have to say gel is probably my favourite for when it comes to winged eyeliner. I’m a bit of a noob when it comes to winged eyeliner sometimes I get it right first time and feel like a goddess and other times I mess it up and end up looking like the grudge. (It’s a hard life.) My most recent weapon of choice is the Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner it’s a pretty decent product for several reasons, allow me to explain…
The Maybelline Eye Studo Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner (I hate typing that out) comes in this cardboard box (which I’ve thrown) and consists of a little pot of the gel eyeliner and then a double ended tool with a brush on one end and a smudger on the other end. I believe that Maybelline have released more shades of this now but the one that I chose was black. This cost me £7.99 not at all bad when I’ve read reviews claiming that this is a dupe of the Bobbi Brown Creamy Gel Eyeliner.
The most notable thing about this gel eyeliner is that it’s very black, I’ve tried numerous eyeliners that have been quite watery and had this faint black shade or even a greyish toned shade whereas this is jet black which is exactly what I’m looking for.
The double ended brush is not something that I’ve a fan of initially it works but then it gets gunked up and is impossible to clean (I’ve tried) the smudger is also pretty useless so I don’t feel like it’s really necessary, the brush is useful though if you don’t have an eyeliner brush however, I prefer the Real Techniques Silicone Eyeliner Brush.

Annoyingly, like most gel eyeliners this does dry out but I simply add a couple of drops of oil to revive it and it works a charm, I’ve not tried many gel eyeliners but this is the best that I’ve tried so far, as it has that rich, creamy texture.
on me
Overall, this isn’t bad I’ve not sure if I’d repurchase though simply because it does fade after a while I’m tempted to practice with liquids again and try them, if you do like gel eyeliner though I’d say this is worth a try.

The Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner is available here for £7.99.

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2 Responses to Maybelling Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner in Black Review

  1. rachelhailesx says:

    That flick is perfect! I usually struggle with my liner! Great post. (: xxx

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