Aromaesti Grapefruit Body Scrub Review

It’s been almost a year since Rachel jetted off to Greece yet I’ve only just got round to trying this product…oops. I love body scrubs and I love the smell of Grapefruit so it only made sense that I was going to enjoy this product…or so I thought. Here’s my thoughts.
body scrub
The Aromaesti Body Sugar Scrub is a sugar based body scrub that is handmade. Rachel actually picked this up for me in Greece so I have no idea how much it came to. I love the packaging it has this cute image of grapefruit on the front and I adore the little polka dots and the metal tin inspired packaging.

In terms of scrubbiness (I know that’s not a word) this is quite fine and relatively abrasive, it’s not painful but it does work to get the dry skin off which is definitely a bonus. It does have quite a thick, sticky consistency though which I’m not a huge fan of, it reminds me of jam and can feel a little unpleasant on the skin. Usually if I don’t like a scrub it’s because it’s way too dry but this is the opposite in the fact that it’s way too sticky.
body scrub 2
As you can see I really wasn’t joking about the jam consistency! Unfortunately what really puts me off this is the scent. I love fruity scents and I particularly love tangy scents which is why I like grapefruit but unfortunately rather than being citrusy and zingy this is very sickly sweet and it’s just not a scent that I can get along with.

Overall, I’m not really a fan of this, I wouldn’t repurchase or recommend but that’s not to say that I don’t appreciate the thought!

You can find more about Aromaesti products here.

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2 Responses to Aromaesti Grapefruit Body Scrub Review

  1. rachelhailesx says:

    It’s a shame that you didn’t like this product! 😦 xx

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