Mi Salon Series Ceramic Barrel Brush 33mm Review

A while ago I reviewed the Miti hair ties on here which are a dupe for the Invisibobble hair bobbles, Lacey’s got back in touch with me as they’re on the verge of releasing a new collection for summer and I was lucky enough to receive the Salon Series Ceramic Barrel Brush to try. My hair is thin but very curly and wavy and sometimes it requires a blow dry so I was pretty excited to try this. Without further ado here’s my thoughts.
Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for PR purposes all opinions are my own.
miti brush

This is the Mi Salon Series Brush and it’s part of the Salon Series Brush range, this is the 33mm brush which is 2nd smallest out of the the range (there’s four brushes in the range.) This brush is designed to increase the dying time and to reduce static whilst keeping hair smooth whilst drying. They are relatively pricey dependent on the size, this one retails for £16.95 which in my opinion is very expensive for a hair brush.
brush claims brush descrip
The product claims are as follows:
Mi Salon Series Brushes are made with a high quality Ceramic coated alloy barrel which retains incredible heat to create superb smooth styles and fast drying time. The Ceramic coating has minimal friction to reduce static and minimise loose, flyaway, unmanageable hair. Mi Salon Series Brushes are designed with a light weight structure creating superb balance for the professional stylist.”

I have to admit as someone with naturally curly hair my hair is always prone to frizz and when I straighten it static can be a problem so to really test this out I used this on my hair in it’s naturally curly form and in it’s straightened form to see how this worked.
The design is very sleek and professional looking although I do find the little gem at the base of the handle slightly tacky looking. The handle of rubber and does feel quite lightweight, it’s also quite long which I think is important for if the barrel is getting quite hot when using for blow drying, this works as a preventative measure to prevent your hand from burning whilst also allowing control. This brush isn’t the lightest I’ve used but it is lighter than a paddle brush.
Unfortunately this brush doesn’t work for me due to the bristles. The barrel may be ceramic but when I’m using a brush I always look at the bristles, if these were plastic then they would work for my hair to detangle it as it can get quite knotty but these bristles are quite spiky and made of a synthetic material that I can’t stand the feel of. True, this did reduce static but I absolutely hated the feeling of this against my scalp and it did feel quite scratchy.

This is a shame because my main problem with this is the bristles, if plastic bristles had been used for this brush then I think that it would have the potential to be a great tool but sadly for me this just doesn’t work. I personally wouldn’t recommend it or buy it for myself, I think someone like my nan though who uses a lot of heat and styles her hair would love this.

The Miti Ceramic Barrel Brush is available here for £16.95.

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2 Responses to Mi Salon Series Ceramic Barrel Brush 33mm Review

  1. rachelhailesx says:

    I’m not a big fan of these brushes and the bristles look like they’d irritate my scalp. 🙂

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