ELF Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in Teal Review

I really had a major fallout with felt tip liners, I know everyone seems to adore the Collection one but whether I’ve used Collection, 2true or Eyeko they all end up drying out or splaying and the eyeliners never stay in place. This was on sale so I finally thought that for 60p it wouldn’t hurt to try one more felt tip liner and let me tell you, this offering by ELF is darn good.
elf eyeliner pen
The ELF Waterproof Eyeliner pen is a white packaged pen with the product name in silver writing and the shade on the end of the pen. I wasn’t expecting much from this especially as it was only fifty pence I assumed that the quality would be low.
This has a relatively firm point initially to the point where it was a tad spiky for my liking, however a few more uses later and this pen is a lot more flexible, I like to tilt this onto it’s side and then run it across my lash line for a winged effect. As you can see this is very pigmented, it’s a stunning bold blue shade that is great for summer and spring.
on me
This eyeliner is really easy to use and the above image reveals me wearing it with only one coat. Unlike a lot of felt tip liners this has a very rich pigment that glides onto the lids and stays in place. I’ve worn this for a few days and although after a while it will fade especially under harsh weather conditions for the most part this stays on pretty well, better yet it is easily removed and doesn’t stain.
on me 2
The fine nib means that it’s really easy to get to difficult spots with this, I actually find this incredibly easy to use and I managed to create even flicks the first time I used it which was very impressive. I also love how this doesn’t run, smudge or smear, once you apply it it dries almost instantly which means that it stays in place all day long without creasing. The lightweight formula means that unlike liquid liners this doesn’t flake or feel heavy and it doesn’t end up dripping onto your lashes either. I adore this cobalt blue shade and I’d definitely pick up more.
Overall, I’m very impressed, this was an absolute steal at 50p and it is probably the best felt tip liner I’ve used, sadly this isn’t available on the UK ELF website (sigh) but I really hope that they bring these back and in an array of shades because these are so easy to work with. I’d absolutely recommend these if you find them anywhere and I would repurchase.

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One Response to ELF Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in Teal Review

  1. rachelhailesx says:

    Gorgeous colour, it’s a lot darker than expected. 🙂 xx

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