Lush Tea Tree Toner Water Review

I already have the Breath of Fresh Air Toner Water and when Rachel bought this and I tried it for the first time I quickly wrote it off as it seemed to bring all of my spots to the surface. I decided to give it another go and I’ve been using it for the past week or so now and I have to say that this is a brilliant toner. Here’s why I love it so much.
The Lush Tea Tree Water is a toning mist in the fact that it comes in a spray bottle that you can spray directly onto the skin. This product claims to be targeted at oily or spot prone skin and is available in two different sizes. This is the larger size of the two and is priced at £8.50 from Lush.

Typically my skin is combination it gets dry but I can get spotty on my chin so I tend to have to rotate my skincare depending on how my skin is. This does have a tea tree scent to it which I find quite refreshing and uplifting. I was pretty surprised with this as my Breath of Fresh Air has a powerful pump that literally squirts a stream into your face where as this comes out in more of a mist format which I definitely prefer.

The product claims are as follows:
“Keep skin clear and refreshed. Tea tree is antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial, so can help keep away the bacteria that can cause spots. Grapefruit is rich in vitamins and is also lightly astringent on the skin, whilst juniperberry is antiseptic and helps keep skin clean and clear. Use any time of day to keep skin refreshed, or to remove traces of makeup or cleanser.”

I simply apply this by spritzing this directly onto the skin and then just patting it in, you can use a cotton pad but I find that with liquid toners cotton pads can sometimes absorb the toner rather than allowing it to absorb into the skin so I prefer this method.

Lush are known for being a cruelty free brand and I can say that this is a vegetarian product and cruelty free for those of you who are very against animal testing. Sadly this product does contain perfume and parabens but not alcohol. This didn’t set off my sensitive skin (I also have Eczema) so I’m pretty pleased with this anyway.

I have found that over this last week this has really reduced the spots and redness on my face which is pretty amazing. I definitely think that long term this would be a great product for anyone who suffers with blemish prone or oily skin especially as Tea Tree works especially well for acne prone skin. I actually prefer this over my Breath of Fresh Air simply due to its spot busting abilities, this also leaves my skin incredibly soft and refreshed.

Overall, I love this and I’ll definitely be grabbing a bottl emyself when I’m next in need of a toner until then though I’d definitely recommend it, especially if you’re on the hunt for a toner to tackle those pesky spots.

The Lush Tea Tree Toner Water is available here for £8.50.

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  1. rachelhailesx says:

    I’m glad you loved the toner! xx

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