Barry M Matte Nail Paint in Miami Review

I’m mentioned my love for Barry M Nail Paints so many times on this blog, I have one of the Speedy Nail Paints (I’m yet to try it), I adore the Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paints and I’ve mentioned the silk nail paints a few times as well. One range that I haven’t thoroughly tried though is the Matte range. Today I have the shade Miami to show you, this is a really bold summer shade – here’s my verdict and if it lives up to the rest of the Barry M Nail Paints.
Disclaimer: This product was sent to me a while ago by another company (not Barry M) all opinions are my own.
barry m miami
The shade Miami is a very neon pink, I’m not talking slightly pink I’m talking full, retro, day-glo neon pink. The polish is housed in the same square bottles as the other Barry M Nail Paints and this is priced at £3.99 – the same price as a Gelly Hi Shine.

The Matte Nail Paints don’t seem to have any unique selling points other than the budget price and matte finish. Miami is a shade that I’m surprised by as I typically associate matte nails with more wintery colours so to see a neon pink matte polish is unusual. The colour isn’t my typical colour but it does flatter my yellow toned skin and I think that this would be great paired with a tan.
on me
Unfortunately I can’t really get on board with the formula, this takes a while to dry and turn matte so when you’re applying it’s difficult to tell how it’s going to look until it’s completely dry, I found that this looked quite streaky on my nails and I did struggle to apply it in a way that was flawless. I also found that unlike a lot of the other Barry M Nail Paints, this wasn’t very chip resistant, something that is one of the main reasons why I love Barry M Nail Paints so much.

Overall I was disappointed and I don’t think that this shade is really for me. I’m not overly keen on the finish or the colour and I just found that it didn’t excite me like a new Barry M Nail Paint should, for that reason I’ll pass on this one.

The Barry M Matte Nail Paint in Miami is available here for £3.99.

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