Real Techniques Silicone Liner Brush Review

Despite being a beauty blogger I don’t have a whole army of makeup brushes, I could do with some more but I tend to have one of each brush I need and one brand that I do love for brushes is Real Techniques. I’ve always loved wearing eyeliner I started with pencil, used liquid and now I’m completely hooked on gel liners but let’s be honest the brushes that come free with gel liners are often terrible. That’s where Real Techniques come in. Rachel gave me the Silicone Eyeliner Brush as she didn’t really use it and I have to say it is a gamechanger when it comes to eyeliner application.

The Silicone Liner Brush has a long thin handle and it’s designed for any for of cream, gel or cake based liner. The tip of the brush is quite thin and slightly rigid and is tapered to a point for precision. I love the blue colour of these brushes which marks them as of the eye collection, you can get this brush with collections or you can purchase it by itself for £5.99.
brush tip
As you can see the nib of the brush is very fine, it has a silicone feeling to it almost like a rubberised brush, it’s made up of these tiny little silicone hairs so washing it is really easy, it also is less likely to get gummed up with eyeliner and turn hard due to the silicone waterproof bristles. The brush is soft enough that it doesn’t scratch the eye but not so soft that it’s too wobbly, I find this to also have the perfect flexibility, it bends allowing you to control the flick and thickness of your line but again it is slightly rigid to prevent wobbly application.
(Please bear with the photos my gel liner is getting a bit dry and needs reviving so don’t judge the brush by the fact that my eyeliner needs replacing!)
As you can see the bottom half of the nib remains straight but you can flex the tip of the brush when applying eyeliner. Rather than drag the tip along my eyelid which would hurt I essentially coat the brush in eyeliner and then I gently press down and then drag it as shown above. This allows me to get a smooth swiping motion making eyeliner application a doddle.
My eyeliner is looking ever so slightly faded here but you get the gist, I used to really struggled with winged liner hence why I don’t always show it on my blog but this brush makes eyeliner application so simple. As you can see from above I’ve managed to get a neat even flick and it’s not wobbly or messy. I do find this brush really easy to use and it’s versatile in the fact that you can use it for different types of eyeliners.

Overall I love this brush, I didn’t expect to like it as much as I do but I’m so glad I discovered it, I really do think that a decent eyeliner brush is an essential for anyone who loves eyeliner and this is a really high quality yet budget friendly option, I’d definitely recommend it and I would repurchase.

The Real Techniques Silicone Liner Brush is available here for £5.99.

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