Benefit Hervana A Good Karma Face Powder Blusher Review

Benefit is a brand that I actually really like, I do class it as high end but a lot of their products that I’ve tried I really like, namely the They’re Real Mascara and High Beam Complexion Enhancer but their blushers are something that I’ve wanted to try for ages. Hervana is the first blusher that I got my hands on and I’ve been using it non stop lately, I absolutely adore it, so here’s why.
Starting with the packaging I absolutely adore it, the boxes can be a little tricky to store if you don’t have a lot of room but I love the little box of product it’s so cute. I also love the colour scheme for this, the peaches and pinks emphasise the colour of the blush and let’s be honest who doesn’t love a good angel theme? This blusher is quite expensive at £23.50 but if you have the money or are willing to save it’s a lovely product.
the product
Inside the box is a mirror and I believe that these blushers come with a kabuki brush also, I bought mine second hand from a makeup exchanging website so they didn’t send me the brush but I use my Studio London Blusher Brush for this and it works a charm. Inside there are for different sections of colour ranging from creamy white to an orchid pink the colours are named: lucky shell, divine peach, heavenly rose and berry delight and you can either apply the sections individually or do what I do and swirl them together for a beautiful orchid flush.
(The individual shades, left to right: Lucky Shell, Divine Peach, Heavenly Rose, Berry Delight.)
The result of swirling the shades together.

What I love about this is that it’s very finely milled and incredibly soft, on the cheeks it doesn’t feel powdery but simply feels weightless and undetectable. There’s no fall out with this and when you swirl your blush there isn’t a cloud of dust. This is also nicely pigmented but buildable so you can go for a very slight flush or build it up to be as bright as you like.
on me
On the skin this just looks so pretty it’s a really delicate and girly shade that is flattering on a lot of different skintones. Although the finish is matte it doesn’t look flat but simply just adds a really healthy flush to the skin which is so beautiful.

Overall, I absolutely adore this and it’s become my favourite blusher, I’d definitely recommend it and I think when I eventually run out of this I will be repurchasing because it’s gorgeous.

The Benefit Hervana Good Karma Face Powder is available here for £23.50

I hope you  enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button and let me know in the comments if you could have one Benefit blusher which your choice would be, I’d love to have tried Bella Bamba but I think this is my favourite.

Thanks for reading.


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