March Favourites

What a month March has been, it kickstarted with a surgery after mine was rescheduled but I finally had a parathyroid gland removed to deal with my Primary Hyperparathyroidism (it’s a long story but here’s a bit about it, and let me know if you want a post on it.) which made me feel much better and took two weeks to recover from, I also had my dissertation/case study to hand in and then I’ve been applying for graduate jobs, attending interviews and searching for houses so it’s been very up and down but it feels like my 2016 has really begun now after spending January and February ill. I have a lot more favourites this month so here they are:
I’m going to start with makeup because I only have two items but these are both items I’ve used a lot this month. For the first half of the month I did a makeup switch up and I rediscovered the New CID Cosmetics Lip and Cheek Tint in Strawberry Souffle this is a lip and cheek tint in crayon form but it’s not greasy or drying or anything like that, it has a really nice scent like strawberries and it blends seamlessly into the cheeks for a lovely flush, I tend to use it as a blusher more than a lip tint but I love a good multi-purpose product. I’ve also really enjoyed the No7 Vital Brights Cream Blusher in Blossoming Pink sadly this was a limited edition item but I’m just obsessed it has a really velvety texture and again it blends into the cheeks really nicely, I love the bright pop of colour for spring and summer and the floral packaging is so cute.

I have one haircare item and that is the L’oreal Extraordinary Oil in Cream, this was a sample that I had and I didn’t expect to love it as much as I did but it really was a joy to use. It smelled amazing, really hydrated my hair and kept frizz at bay I really love it.

I have a nail favourite and this is the Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint in Chai I never thought I’d go for a grey polish but I received this a while ago for taking part in the launch of a makeup exchanging website and I really like it, the colour is super flattering and really chic on the nails.

Two of my bodycare favourites are from Lush and they are the Lush You’ve Been Mangoed Bath Melt and the Lush Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleroon. After my surgery I couldn’t shower so I was getting a lot of baths and these products were so relaxing and lovely to use I always felt pampered after using them, they smell great and do wonders for the skin. I also fell in love with a chypre perfume which isn’t my usual perfume family of choice but Shay and Blue’s Atropa Belladonna knocks it out the park it’s a really great scent powdery and florally and fresh but not cloying or dated I love it.

Onto random favourites now and the first two are material items, up first is Galaxy Counters it sounds daft but I’m a chocolate fiend and I’ve been really enjoying munching on these on an evening they taste so good! I’ve also been enjoying an app which is called World’s Biggest Crossword Rachel and I got obsessed with arrowwords and crossword puzzles and then I found this app that I’ve been obsessed with, I’ve literally been staying up late playing it but it’s really fun. Four letters across…love.

My final favourite deserves a paragraph to itself and it is soppy but I truly don’t care I’m a firm believer in appreciating things and not taking them for granted so my final favourite is my boyfriend. I had my surgery done at the beginning of March and I was really relieved to have it done as I’d been feeling poorly for a long time, I’d lost weight and had endless blood tests and scans. The illness I had (Hyperparathyroidism) was caused by an enlarged gland in the neck and it basically sucked out the calcium from my bones and deposited into my bloodstream making me very sick. I was constantly in and out of hospital and at one point was rushed to accident and emergency. After my surgery I was very shaky and unable to walk properly for the first two weeks, I was very dizzy and shaky and I couldn’t bath myself or do many things independently, thankfully my boyfriend was there throughout it all from when I woke up after the surgery to now that I’m back on my feet and he’s been a rock, so if you’re reading this I love you Simon and thank you for always being there for me 🙂 Also fancy a date at some point? When I get paid I’d love to take you out. <3.

That concludes these favourites I hope that you’ve all had a great March, I’m looking forward to April, it’s Simon’s birthday on the third so I need to spoil him and I’ll be finishing University soon and hopefully entering the world of work, I’m very excited to see what happens next. See you all soon and thanks for reading!


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2 Responses to March Favourites

  1. rachelhailesx says:

    I loved this post, I’m really glad that you’re feeling better and are recovering well. Also, arrowords are the bees knees! xxx

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