Samy Fat Hair Root Lifter Spray

Samy Fat Hair is a brand that I’ve not tried before but seen a few times when perusing the aisles of Superdrug. After trying one of their products that my mum had I decided to purchase the Root Lifter Spray as my hair is naturally very shiny and soft but also very flat so texture is often needed. I’ve been giving this a go and here’s my thoughts.
The product comes in this red and white plastic bottle and is priced at £5.99, this is a mist type product in the fact that it’s water based and it claims to add volume and body to the hair whilst also repairing and hydrating the hair. As someone with a naturally dry scalp hydration is always welcomed as my hair can also get pretty frizzy.

The product description is as follows:
“This Lightweight Root Lifter spray instantly builds body and fullness where fine limp hair needs it the most Precision nozzle targets spray at the roots for extra lift, thickness and volume.”

This product has a very small nozzle which is great for precision but this doesn’t cover a wide area, however, I’ve not had any issues with application. I tend to apply this by simply spraying into my roots and then ruffling my hair, the water based formula does not go crispy or dry out my hair which is really nice.
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I’ve also found that this product does add volume to my hair without any stickiness which is great, it also brushes out and doesn’t feel like there’s product build up which is another positive, the only downside is that I wish the results lasted all day, like any hair product this does tend to fade throughout the day leaving hair to go a tad flat.

Overall though this is a great budget product for those who want to add a little texture to their hair, this smells nice and does what I need it to, I would recommend to people who want to try a new thickening product.

The Samy Fat Root Lifter Spray is available here for £5.99.

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2 Responses to Samy Fat Hair Root Lifter Spray

  1. rachelhailesx says:

    Your hair looks lovely in the photo. I’d never heard of this brand until I read your post but i’m intrigued now. 🙂 xxx

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