Ted Baker Lovely Lindyhop Nail Polish Review

Ted Baker is a brand that I’ve not really fully tried save for a couple of their body mists which are okay (my fave is Butterfly Wings). I’ve never tried any of their beauty range so when Rachel offered me this burgundy nail polish from the Lovey Lindyhop Set I agreed instantly, here’s how it looks and my thoughts.
It comes in this square glass bottle which is quite understated in terms of the packaging. I love the flourish of TB on the front which adds lux but I do which that there was a way to identify the shade and it would be great if these were sold individually rather than occasionally in sets at Christmas, I for one would be excited with a permanent Ted Baker Nail Polish range…I have no idea how much this was as this was given to me.

In terms of colour it’s simply gorgeous, it’s a rich metallic wine shade that looks incredibly sophisticated and suits all skintones. I tend to opt for cooler shades but I do love a decent red nail polish especially when it has a pluminess to it and this definitely has that gothic twist making it a great autumn/winter shade.

The formula is also incredible, this required one coat for colour – two if like me you want to “just make sure” that your nail is completely covered properly and not only that but I wore this for a solid two weeks at least and it took a good few days before it started to majorly chip.
on me
I wouldn’t say that this is the best nail polish I’ve ever tried, I’d prefer a bit more glossiness and a perhaps a shimmer just to liven it up a little more but other than that this is very pretty. I wouldn’t recommend these over brands such as Essie but it’s certainly not a bad polish at all.

The Ted Baker Lovely Lindyhop Set may be available online from stores such as Ebay and Amazon.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button, let me know in the comments if you have tried any of the Ted Baker nail polishes (or their lipsticks actually I saw a large nail polish and lipstick set floating around in Boots at Christmas).

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One Response to Ted Baker Lovely Lindyhop Nail Polish Review

  1. rachelhailesx says:

    The shade looks both lovely on the nails and in the bottle! xx

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