Maybelline Expertwear Blush in 77 Rose Review

I have to say I’ve not tried many blushers by Maybelline but those that I have tried (namely the Dream Touch Blush) have really disappointed me and I feel like blusher is an area where Maybelline need to step it up. One blusher that Rachel give me is now discontinued and it’s the Expertwear Blush in Rose which is a pale pink blusher with a kabuki brush, here’s my thoughts.
blusher packaging
I’m not sure how much this retailed for as it is now discontinued but I have plenty to say on the packaging. I’m really not a fan of this packaging at all I find it looks very cheap in a simple clear plastic square and the writing doesn’t stand out, this to me just looks very tacky and poorly designed.
the blsuher
The blusher is a pale pink shade which comes with a kabuki brush that is fairly scratchy and not great at all. The blusher itself seems like an okay shade but there’s nothing that really stands out about it other than the fact that it has glitter in it, yes you read that right glitter. I’m all for a blush with a hint of shimmer as I find it often helps the cheeks look extra glowy but glitter for me is a huge no-no. I’m a twenty one year old who wants to look polished not glittery in the sunlight.

I did try this on my skin and other than glitter I couldn’t see any colour, I applied this with my usual blusher brush that is good at picking up product and nothing really translated onto my skin other than a bit of glitter. I have done a swatch which shows a pale pink shade but it just doesn’t translate onto the cheeks at all.
Overall I can’t really find any selling points to this blusher, it doesn’t seem to do anything, it contains glitter and looks cheap, I’m very disappointed and will probably just throw this out as I don’t think anyone I know will want to use it. My message to Maybelline is step it up! I think that as a brand they need to focus on creating some decent blushers because their mascaras and lip products have set the standards high. Personally though I wouldn’t recommend or purchase this blusher.

The Maybelline Expertwear Blush in Rose is available from online stores such as Ebay and Amazon.

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