Liberty Republic Spellbound Nail Lacquer in Catalyst Review

A while ago I was lucky enough to be sent a beauty box for free courtesy of Wantable and one of the products inside what this nail polish. I’m a huge fan of nail polish and this shade looked absolutely gorgeous so I gave it a go, here’s my thoughts.
Disclaimer: This product was sent to me free for reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own.
nail lacquer
So this is the nail polish and I have to say as soon as I laid eyes on this I felt pretty excited. I’ve not heard of the brand liberty Republic before however, it seems that they are an indie brand in the U.S. Although I got my polish for free this retail at $14.00 which equates to £10.09 so these definitely aren’t cheap. They claim to be 5-free, cruelty free and vegan though so that made me want to try it even more.

Initially application didn’t seem to bad, the polish is a glittery polish but the brush worked fine and the formula was neither too thin nor thick which is good. I also found the once I had the polish on my nails this really did last a good two weeks, it was the hardest polish ever to remove from my nails though so that wasn’t really ideal but I was willing to work with that for such an amazing colour.
on me
Unfortunately this is where the positive stuff ends, despite being so bold in the bottle this is my nail after one coat and as you can see the colour is incredibly sheer and looks very patchy on the nails. I ended up applying four or five coats of this to my nails and in the end to get maximum opacity I literally had to blog it onto my nails which was a real pain.

It’s a shame that these polishes are so sheer because they weren’t described as that and I really wanted to have the colour from the bottles on my nails. Sadly though too many coats, difficulty with removal and a watery formula just doesn’t cut it for me so I wouldn’t recommend or repurchase this polish and I am disappointed.

The Liberty London Spellbound Nail Lacquer in Catalyst is available here for £$14.00.

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