Nails Inc Holland Park Nail Polish Review

One of the most common misconceptions within beauty is that a higher price equals better quality when in actual fact sometimes high end or more expensive products can be absolutely rubbish. I’m a fan of Nails Inc I’ve only really dipped a toe into the brand but what I have tried I’ve enjoyed, until this. Sadly this polish really didn’t meet my standards and I’m really disappointed, here’s my thoughts.
The polish is houses in these cute little rounded bottles, I’m not sure why but I find that packaging of these nail polishes really endearing. This shade is a neon shade and I think it’s absolutely stunning I love the bright pinky purple shade so I was really pleased when I got this.
first application
Unfortunately that is where the good stuff ends, application of this was a nightmare, one coat wan’t maximum opacity, two coats looked messy, this took a while to dry and when it did try it had this awful patchiness as if it was a rubberised finish, rather than looking beautiful and glossy this looked really tacky and made my nails look a mess. To give this polish another chance I left it on for the week to test the longevity.
a week later
This is a week later and as you can see it’s chipped really badly, I don’t tend to expect nail polishes to last a full week without chipping but nail polishes such as my beloved Gelly Hi Shines from Barry M tend to last me a full week or at least a good few days without chipping whereas this one just didn’t leaving me really disappointed.

Overall I’m really disappointed, thankfully it didn’t cost too much as I got it from TK MAXX but I definitely wouldn’t repurchase nor would I recommend this shade to anyone. It’s a shame because some of the previous Nails Inc polishes I have tried have set the bar high.

The Nails Inc Nail Polish in Holland Park can be found online on websites such as Ebay and Amazon.

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3 Responses to Nails Inc Holland Park Nail Polish Review

  1. luzz05 says:

    great post. one product that has really disappointed me was the Simple Facial Scrub. It has a bleach scent that I could not stand and it dried out my skin. I will be reviewing it soon, I’m curious to know if anyone actually enjoys that product.

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