Neutral Eyes and Berry Lip LOTD

With spring right around the corner I thought I’d take a chance and enjoy a few more winter looks. Often in winter my makeup features darker lips so I thought today it would be fun to create a smokey neutral eye with a dark berry lip, this is really an autumn look but it’s one that I love so I hope that you enjoy it too.
finished look
MUA Pro Base Primer:
Although I don’t have oily eyelids, I still like my makeup to last so I always apply an eye primer to increase the colour payoff and the longevity of my eye makeup. I like this one by MUA because it’s budget friendly and does the trick.
MUA Heaven and Earth Palette:
I used two shades from this palette that are very similar in tone to create a rich chocolate shade on the lids. I started with the shade Valley and applied that all over the lid and then I went in with the shade Bedrock for my outer corners and crease. This palette is one of my all time favourites simply because it’s amazing quality for only £4.00.
Rimmel London Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Liner in Black:
I love eyeliner and I find it really hard to find a decent black eyeliner, whilst I’m determined to find perfection from the high street I do still like this one by Rimmel London as it’s creamy so it glides onto the waterline. I applied this just to my waterline to add some definition to my eyes.
Maybelline Great Lash Mascara:
When I first saw how small the brush is for this mascara I really wasn’t convinced however, it really has blown me away, this is great for length and volume and gives me beautiful fluttery lashes, the small brush is precise enough for my bottom lashes too.
L’oreal Brow Artiste in Dark Brunette:
This is a handy little brow pencil that I’ve had for over a year now, one end is a clear wax that I don’t tend to get much use out of and the other end is a dark brow pencil. This can be difficult to work with in the fact that sometimes it can be quite heavy so I used a light hand and just ran this through my brows a couple of times to shape and fill them.

L’oreal True Match Foundation:
At the time of creating this look my skin had gone absolutely haywire but thankfully this foundation managed to hide most of that. Since repurchasing this I’ve fallen in love all over again, this foundation has a great coverage and I love the colour match and texture, it makes my skin glow.
Maybelline Instant Eye Eraser Concealer:
Although I can’t use this concealer on my face I do find the colour correcting aspect of it quite useful. My sleeping pattern has been absolutely terrible lately so I’ve had huge under eye circles, thankfully this yellow toned concealer counteracts the blue and violet tones and makes me look a bit more alive.
Astor Deluxe Bronzer in 002 Safari Fever:
Are you sick of hearing about this bronzer yet? I’d say I’m sick of typing it but it really is the bomb for me. This is pale enough to not look too orange or muddy but just dark enough to create an excellent contour with, I didn’t want anything too heavy today so I applied this quite lightly.
Topshop Glow in Polished:
The highlighter of dreams, this little pot of white gold cream really is an amazing highlighter. I love cream products as they can be so quick and easy to use and this highlighter looks incredible, I applied a small amount of this to my cheekbones for a beautiful glow.
Max Factor Creme Puff Powder in Truly Fair:
This powder works really well for me and it still stands as my holy grail. This really helps to fix shine and set my makeup without being overly heavy, clinging to dry patches or oxidising, a true gem, plus it smells lovely.

Essence Blush Up! Blusher in Heatwave:
I only added a very small amount of this (I barely grazed the surface with my brush) but I wanted to add a tiny bit of colour just to stop me looking too flat, thankfully the insane pigmentation of this means that a little really goes a long way.

Topshop Lips in Wicked:

Finally the beautiful colour on my lips that is very similar to MAC’s Rebel, (I would even say it’s a dupe) is this Topshop Lips in Wicked. I love this lipstick, it glides on and the colour is beautiful, it also lasts quite well. This is one of the signature parts of this look and I just love the bold twist it adds.

That completes this LOTD if you enjoyed this post please hit the like button and let me know in the comments what you think of this look, are you looking forward to spring or do you want to cling to winter? Personally I’m looking forward to some sun!

Thanks for reading.


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