Herbolive Pomegranate Lip Care Review

Herbolive isn’t a brand that I’d ever heard of until Rachel game back from Greece and had purchased this cute lip balm from there. It didn’t seem to work for her so she passed it onto me and I have to say it’s a lovely little product, once again Greek beauty seems to have impressed me. Here’s the product and my thoughts.
This is the lip balm in question and it reminds me of those Nivea Lip Balms (although I wasn’t fond of those.) This comes in this white twist up tube with a pink lid and reveals a clear stick balm inside. I have no idea what this cost but I don’t think it will have been too expensive.

This lip balm is formulated with olive oil and pomegranate both of which are lovely products for the skin. Personally I like the packaging it’s cute and easy to store and I also find that the products smells really nice with a light pomegranate scent.

The texture of this is quite slippery but unlike the waxiness or stickiness of some lip balms this goes on and feels quite smooth and buttery, I can definitely feel the olive oil on my lips but not in a gross way – simply due to the nourishment.

I also find that unlike a lot of lip balms particularly stick or petroleum based ones that this doesn’t dry out my lips or create a barrier but actually infuses my lips with moisture whilst wearing comfortably. This is nice to apply throughout the day as the clear shade of the balm means that there’s no worry about it being high maintenance and constantly requiring topping up.

Overall this is a nice little product it’s not the best or worst lip balm that I’ve tried but it’s pleasant to use and it does the job, this is available online in some stores but I’ve not used them so don’t know if they are reputable or not.

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Thanks for reading.

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