Rimmel London Lasting Finish Primer Review

I don’t know about you guys but I really, really struggle to find a decent primer especially when it comes to the drugstore, so I was really excited when I received a sample of this in a magazine – especially as hearing so many rave reviews on it so here’s my thoughts.
So here is the image of the sample and the primer and in all honesty I’ve not a fan of the packaging, it looks rather cheap and doesn’t stand out on the shelf unless I’m specifically looking for it. The full size of this product retails for £6.99 at Boots.

The product description is as follows:
“Ultra lightweight formula that helps to minimises the appearance of pores and evens skin tone whilst providing endless comfort. Feels soft and silky on the skin, mattifies without over-drying the skin. Can be worn alone and also under or over makeup, for extended wear. Primer that won’t let you down.”

I have to say I disagree with this description and I’m going to say straight out that I wasn’t a fan of this at all. To start with this has a heavy silicone texture – now I don’t mind the silicone feel as some of my favourite primers such as the Gosh Velvet Line Perfector and the Benefit Porefessional have the same texture but this does feel heavy and sticky on my face which I’m really not a fan of. I also noticed that this doesn’t blur, fill on pores, correct and smooth out my face at all it just sits there doing nothing and actually makes my foundation go on unevenly with brush marks when the foundation works perfectly fine without a primer.

Again I’ve also found that this doesn’t mattify and that when I applied makeup over the top my face felt cakey and heavy as if I’d layered a lot of foundation and powder over the top when I barely had anything on (just a thin cover of a light foundation). This didn’t keep my makeup on and seemed rather pointless really.

Overall, I wasn’t impressed, this was a product that actually made my skin and makeup look and feel worse and I actually find that I’m better without using this. I wouldn’t repurchase and I wouldn’t recommend either.

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