Illamasqua UV Glow Nail Varnish in Omen Review

I’m a huge fan of nail polish and yet I’ve found that it’s very difficult to find a decent neon green, for some reason neon greens and yellows seem to be amongst the hairdest colours to find (other than white) so when I find a great green polish I simply have to share, here’s the Illamasqua UV Glow Nail Polish in Omen.
So this is the polish and as you can see it’s a really stunning neon green with shimmer, it looks absolutely gorgeous in the bottle but we all know that looking good in the bottle doesn’t necessarily mean that it will translate well onto the nails. This retails for £14.50 but I found it in TKMAXX for around £3.99.

The brush is a standard brush as opposed to one of those fat ones but it seems to pick up product absolutely fine. I’ve already noticed that two coats of this creates a perfect finish which I’m really impressed with.

This polish does chip within a week without a top coat but I do bite my nails a lot, I think that with a top coat this would last a really long time, I’ve not yet tried this under UV light but I think this would be great for Halloween – I think it was actually made as part of a halloween collection.
on me
Overall, I’m very impressed with this it looks absolutely stunning on the nails and I love the colour, shimmer and finish. It is on the pricier side but if you can afford it and are in desperate need of a great neon green nail polish then I’d indefinitely recommend this.

The Illamasqua UV Glow Nail Polish in Omen is available here for £14.50.

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