Soap and Glory Mist You Madly Fragrance Mist Review

Soap and Glory is a brand that to me produces great makeup, some excellent body products but doesn’t seem to excel in smells. I just can’t place my finger on it but I could never get on with any of their body mists (I have Orangeasm which is nice but I barely use) until Rachel was smelling lovely and it turned out to be this that she was wearing. I’ve been trialing this all week and have found that surprisingly the scent isn’t as bad as I first thought. Here’s my review.
mist u madly
I think that the bottle of this is absolutely lovely, it’s quite plain and simply but unlike the other fragrances with a coloured translucent glass bottle, this is a white glass bottle with pink and silver and to me it looks really chic and sophisticated much nicer than its siblings. The price of this is £10.00 which isn’t at all bad for a 100ml bottle working out at a mere pound per ml which is pretty good to me!

The scent is described by Soap and Glory as a “soft fruity-floral with a spicy side” which to me sounds a little contradictory and the perfume notes are as follows:
Top Notes: Mandarin, Bergamot and Cardamom oil
Heart Notes: Freesia and Magnolia
Base Notes: Musk, Sandalwood and Vanilla.

I have to say I really hate the top notes of this. I mainly smell the Cardamom which is a scent that I’m just not a fan of at all, it’s like a strong floral with a bitter citrus tang to it that I’m really not a fan of however, they don’t stick around with this being a mist and I find that as the heart and base notes unfold that’s where the magic happens.

I already know that I’m a fan of musk, sandalwood and vanilla whem combined (strange seeing as I hate musk) but this scent has something a little extra that I adore which I’m pretty certain is the Freesia and Magnolia that adds a delicate floral hint to the sweet scent that I really love.

Sadly the longevity of this sucks for me, I can’t smell this on myself or on my clothes and when I top up I get a hit of the top notes and then struggle to smell this once it’s settled, I’m pretty sure that this is down to my body chemistry but sadly this doesn’t stick around for me.

Would I buy this for myself? No I don’t think I would, for me a scent needs to be beautiful all the way through and long lasting which sadly this just isn’t but hey ho you can’t win them all!

The Soap and Glory Mist You Madly Fragrance is available here for £10.00.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button, let me know in the comments if you have tried this I know that this scent is used in products such as the Scrub em and Leave em (it smells nicer in that form) which I love! Feel free to follow if you’re not already.

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