Urban Decay Primer Potions Review

A good eyeshadow primer is essential if you like to wear eyeshadow, particularly if you like to create bold eyeshadow looks. I’ve only ever tried budget eye primers but the most talked about eye primers (in my opinion) are the Urban Decay Primer Potions and I’ve somehow managed to acquire three of the sample booklets so I’ve been putting them through their paces. Today I’m reviewing all four of the eyeshadow primers, I hope that you like this post.
booklet products
This is a little sample booklet and inside is information on each primer potion and what differentiates them. I’ve taken them out of the booklet and as you can see each sachet has quite a lot of product in (more than you need for one application but no way to seal unless you use tape which I recommend.) The primer potion packaging is shown on the front of the booklet and they now come in squeezy tubes with different coloured lids, the price of a 10ml primer potion is £16.00 which I would describe as high end.
all four
There are four primer potions available (although there’s now the Ozone pencil and Sin has be renamed to Minor Sin) each dramatically increases the longevity of your eyeshadow and prevents creasing but with different formulas to suit different preferences. Within this booklet we have the following four with their product descriptions.
Original – This undercover wonder works invisibly to keep color in place.
Eden – This nude matte formula preps lids and prevents shadow meltdown.
Sin – Just a dab of this shimmering formula prevents fading and creasing.
Anti – Aging – Makes shadow last AND in a week of clinical study:
– 100% of participants had a measurable improvement in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
– 100% had measurably brighter skin.
– 97% had a measurable improvement in radiance and clarity.
sin and anti ageing
(Sin top and Anti-Aging bottom)
So here’s my experiences with each of the primer potions and which are my favourites.
This had quite a thick texture which seems to be the case with all of the primer potions if you look closely at the above photo. I did end up using more than I needed and at first I was concerned by the orange looking tint but it does blend into the skin and turn invisible. When I used this I did find that my eyeshadow looked more vibrant and lasted much longer. I did feel that the thick texture made my eyes feel almost stiff as it did have a heavy texture, but I can see why it is so popular.

This is more of a nude shade but again blends in seamlessly to provide a solid eye primer. I did like this but the tint is more prominent with this primer so I think that it would be best to use this with nude eyeshadows. Having said that, this did work well with bright eyeshadows as well and I preferred this to the original primer as it didn’t seem as heavy in texture.
sin and anti ageing on me
(Left eye Sin Primer Potion, Right eye Anti Aging Primer Potion)

This is probably my least favourite of the bunch and you can’t really see from the photo how shimmery and glittery this really is! This is incredibly shimmery great as a base for shimmer eyeshadows but it’s easily messy and probably not the best for matte shadows or if you’re on the go or in a rush. Having said that once again it offers a great base for eyeshadows with colour intensity and longevity aplenty.

Surprisingly this is my favourite of the bunch, although I’m only twenty one I’m planning on having a head start with anti-aging skincare to keep my skin looking healthy. I do have fine lines under my eyes and what I loved about this is that it felt like a mini eye lift plus it’s so brightening. I don’t know about you guys but the photo of my eye on the right of the photo above has really helped my dark circles plus it’s provided a great base for the product.

All in all, I do like these but for me the standaout product has to be the anti aging eye primer, it doesn’t just provide a great base but really helps with my skin and to essentially prime my under eyes as well. Would I repurchase? I would use these again but I’m not sure I’d fork out fifteen pounds a piece I think if I did repurchase the anti-aging one would be the one I’d go for but none of these are dud products. I’m not sure if I’d recommend these I think it’s definitely worth getting some samples if you shop at Urban Decay regularly and trying them for yourself, I have to say they were very different to how I imagined them, but they do work as a base and definitely help to prevent creasing.

The Urban Decay Primer Potions are available online on the official websites, on Feel Unique and here for £16.00 per product.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button, let me know in the comments if you have tried these and if not which one you’d choose. Feel free to follow if you’re not already, I’m always up for meeting more people, also catch me on twitter @ninarossjournal.

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