Spa To You Natural Konjac Sponge Review

One skincare product that I’ve heard plenty about but never tried are konjac sponges, a skincare device/cleanser that works to treat different problems with the skin. It’s something that has always intrigued me but I never wanted to buy in case I didn’t like it so when I got the Spa To You Natural Konjac Sponge in a beauty box a while ago I was pretty pleased. I’ve finally given it a go and here’s my thoughts.
knojac sponge
So this is the product and as you can see it comes in this plastic packaging with the product claims and key features on the front. I have taken a photo of the back and annoyingly there’s no ingredients which is really annoying as I like to have an idea of what I’m putting onto my skin.

The product directions are as follows:
“Soak the sponge in water for a few minutes then squeeze it a few times to expel the excess water before use. Massage gently in circular motions onto the face or body, then rinse and hang to dry when you’re finished. Replace every 2 – 3 weeks.”

The sponge was damp when I took it out of the packaging so presumably it has been soaked in some kind of cleanser, I soaked it and ran it under water before using and then massaged it across my face in circular motions, I found that it smells a little strange (like a natural sort of smell) but removed my makeup, dried within seconds and left my face super soft and smooth.
back of packaging
I have to say so far I’ve been really impressed, I’m not 100% sure how this actually works but it definitely makes my skin look good, what does put me off however, is the idea of bacteria on the sponge and the fact that these need to be replaced every two to three weeks. I found this for sale on the Birchbox website from £7.99 so at just under eight pounds a pop I imagine these getting pretty expensive, so I wouldn’t repurchase.

Overall, I do like this product and it’s nice as a treat but I wouldn’t repurchase or use these regularly, positives are the natural side of it and the way it leaves my skin but I’d like to know what is in the product and it will be pricey to use regularly.

The Spa To You Natural Konjac Sponge is available here for £7.99.

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