Bare Minerals Pop of Passion Lip Oil Balm in Peach Passion Review

I’m not one to buy higher end lip balms, I have no problem with them but with the amount of lip balm I use it always seems a little pointless to spend so much on a product that I’ll use up so quick. I then found one of the Bare Minerals Pop of Passion Lip Oil Balms in the clearance section at Boots for £8.00 so I bought it, sanitised it and gave it a go, here’s my thoughts.
ip balm
So this is the packaging of the Bare Minerals Pop of Passion Lip Oil Balms, they come in a twist up plastic tube like a standard lipstick, the colour of the plastic packaging matches the colour of the balm (just think in a sheerer form) and I love the metallic writing and floral print, it’s very summery and cute. As mentioned this cost me £8.00 which was pretty good.

Before I get started the product description is as follows:
“The make up essential for a trendsetting smile and mirror-like shine. Get instant sumptuous lips and a burst of colour with this bareMinerals Pop of Passion Lip Oil Balm, enriched with passion fruit seed oil to soften and moisturise. Its lightweight texture and melt-in formula allows a sleek gliding movement and the slanted tip makes application easy. Vitamin E protects and hydrates lips for the perfect pout.”

Before delving into the claims of the product I’ll start with the colour. I have to say I don’t really tend to wear warmer colours on my lips so much I love my pinks, purples and berry shades but I don’t wear much coral or orange so the shade Peach Passion isn’t a shade I’d usually go for – I am trying to push the boat out more.
I do actually like this shade it’s very pretty although this is layered up a few times, one coat of this is quite sheer as you can probably tell by the balmy looking texture. The texture does glide on, the product doesn’t have a smell but I’d love it if it smelled like peach!

This is quite moisturising on the lips which is nice and it feels very silky and smooth, however, longevity isn’t too great this does wear away after a while and I don’t feel like a stain is left behind. My main bug bear with this is the way it sits on the lips.
on me
I’m not quite sure why but my lips are very dry at the moment I’ve been exfoliating them and applying lip balm but they’re still on the dry side and this kind of sunk into any lines on my lips which didn’t look great so for that it definitely loses points, but otherwise it isn’t bad.

Overall these are okay but they’re not special enough to me to justify the price so I wouldn’t recommend or repurchase, I would have liked these to have had a fruity scent and something a bit more special for the price.

The Bare Minerals Pop of Passion Lip Balms are available here for £16.00.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button, let me know in the comments if you have tried any high end balms, if you would or wouldn’t and why I’d love to here your thoughts. If you’re not following my blog feel free to do so I’d be very grateful.

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