The Beauty Commandments

It’s late for a resolutions style blog post, but I have to admit, focusing on beauty resolutions has been the last thing on my mind lately, still I do think it’s important to make targets that are achievable, so here are ten commandments that I aim to stick to.
1) Thou shalt cleanse properly daily
I’m pretty good for this anyway but I need to make sure that I don’t fall into a habit of using face wipes regularly as I know that they don’t agree with my skin! To solve this I aim to do my skincare earlier and not leave it until last minute when I can’t keep my eyes open.

2) Thou shalt grow thy nails
At the moment I can’t do much about this as the illness I have also affects my nails so even when I don’t bite they snap, once I’m better I hope to grow and strengthen my nails abd kick that biting habit.

3) Thou shalt wash thy makeup brushes regularly
I do wash my brushes when needed but I know that I’m bad for letting them get dirty and continuing to use them until I really can’t get away with it any longer. I plan on washing them more often when needed and not just when I feel like it (because let’s face it I never feel like it.)

4) Thouh shalt not wreck my hair with dye
Okay, part of the wreckage was down to illness but I aim to stop bleaching my hair and dyeing it different colours, I’ve stopped dyeing it since I had to cut it off and it’s much healthier and nice looking, plus it’s less work and I’m embracing my natural self, I just need to stick to it.

5) Thou shalt style thy hair and not throw it up and hope for the best
When I straighten my hair it looks lovely but when I leave it curly I tend to fill it with products then throw it back and it ends up looking like one hot mess. I aim to use only what is necessary such as frizz banishing products and to make my hair look nice each day.

6) Thou shalt groom thy brows
At the moment my brows are freshly plucked and I love them, but rather than letting them grow into a mess and then telling myself that it’s okay because messy Cara brows are fashionable, I need to keep on top of them and keep them on fleek.

7) Thou shalt not compare myself to everyone else
I know that this is down to self confidence but I need to stop comparing myself to everyone else and forcing myself to get thinner/curvier/prettier etc I’m going to try and embrace myself more, accept who I am and then the bits I don’t like I’ll change for me.

8) Thou shalt practice eyeliner application
I don’t know how many of you guys have noticed that there’s a distinct lack of winged eyeliner looks on here? Yeah, that’s because I used to be good at it and now I suck. On my days off I need to get practicing and nail that eyeliner because I know I can do it.

9) Thou shalt commit to a regular sleeping pattern
My pattern has been disrupted, partially due to the holidays and partially due to my illness and a night spent in hospital but I need to sort it out. No saying up until stupid times and no sleeping in past lunch time otherwise I’ll never get anything done, plus my skin will be a mess.

10) Thou shalt slot in ‘me time’ once a week
I’m a people pleaser, I like making others happy but often it’s bedtime and I feel like I’ve not enjoyed my evening, I need to make time once a week at least for a good old pamper session with face masks, baths and a hair mask to boot, no wonder my pamper products are getting neglected!

That concludes this post, if you enjoyed this post please hit the like button and let me know in the comments what your beauty commandments are! If you’re not following already feel free to do so.

Thanks for reading.


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