Vichy Normaderm Concealing Anti Imperfection Stick Review

I’ve not tried too many products by Vichy but what I have tried I’ve always loved so when I was browsing Look Fantastic and found this on sale I popped it into my basket to give it a go, sadly it’s not a product that works for me so here’s my thoughts and why I’m not a fan.
concealer stick
This is the product, it’s basically a retractable product that claims to dry out and zap blemishes by drying them out whilst concealing. This is slightly pricey for a concealer and retails for £7.25 on Look Fantastic.

The product description is as follows:
Targets And Masks Blemishes. Our unique 2-in-1 action Normaderm Concealing Stick to tackle blemishes. First it conceals the imperfection with a natural looking camouflage coverage. Secondly it helps to dry the blemishes.
Tolerance :

No parabens
Tested on sensitive skin under dermatological control
Enriched withVichy Thermal Spa Water”
I’m going to start with the formulation of the product, I think the stick is quite useful as it allows for precise application, I also like the retractable function which prevents product wastage, this product is easy to store and functional which is definitely a positive.

In terms of the consistency this does apply to blemishes but I’ve found that the concealing properties are strange, this applies quite thickly which can be difficult to blend, it also means that in some cases that it highlights spots. Personally I didn’t feel like this dried out any of my spots but I have read reviews where people have said that it worked for them, for me and my combination skin it didn’t although I will admit that it didn’t irritate my sensitive skin and the lack of parabens is certainly a bonus.
My main qualm with this however, is the colour. For some strange reason Vichy only released this product in one shade and let’s face it, one shade does not fit all, we all have different skin colours and shades with different undertones so this isn’t going to work well on everyone, I can say that this is way too dark and looks orange on my pale skin rendering it unusable which really lets this down. I bought this not realising about the colour and thinking it would be one of those that blends into your skintone similar to a tinted moisturiser or something but in actuality this is a thick orange product which isn’t great for most women including myself.

Overall I’m not a fan of this, it doesn’t work for me plus the shade range is ridiculously narrow, I wouldn’t recommend this or repurchase, I think if I do get spots I’ll stick to a good old blemish treatment.

The Vichy Normaderm Concealing Anti Imperfection Stick is available here for £7.25 with free delivery.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button, let me know if you have tried anything like this and if you think it would work for you. Also, let me know your favourite concealers in the comments, I’m always up for trying new products.

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