Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel Review

I don’t usually bother with high end skincare simply because my skin is incredibly sensitive and tends to react to heavily perfumed skincare products such as those by brands such as Lancome. However, when I picked up a magazine and got this Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel I was pretty excited, especially as I’ve heard great things about Elemis as a brand. I’ve been trialing this this week and I now have a solid opinion on it, here’s my thoughts.
elemis papaya enzyme peel
This is a chemical exfoliator and works by dissolving dry skin on the face. Despite the misleading name this isn’t actually a peel but this is a cream product that you apply, leave on for ten minutes similar to a face mask and then remove with warm water and a flannel. This 15ml size came free with  a magazine so I’m not sure how much this size would retail for.

The product description is as follows:
“Anti ageing smooth cream exfoliator. This smooth cream peel contains an exotic cocktail of natural fruit enzymes from Papaya and Pineapple that helps to gently exfoliate, purify and regenerate tired or sensitive skin. Extracts of Bladderwrack and sunflower remineralise and condition, whilst Porphyridium and Vitamin E provide anti-oxidant and free radical protection. Apply to cleansed skin avoiding the delicate area around the eyes. Leave for 10 -15 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water.”

I must say that the product smells absolutely gorgeous exactly like papaya very fruity and yummy yet the scent doesn’t irritate the skin and it’s not heavily perfumed which I love. The consistence is a cream that soothes and glides onto the skin and then seemingly absorbs over the next ten to fifteen minutes. This was easy to remove and it left my skin feeling incredibly soft and smooth without looking red or inflamed.

I applied it last night and woke up this morning and my skin was literally glowing, despite being ill, lately my skin has been looking really great and I’mm certain that it’s down to the Sarah Chapman Skinesis Overnight Facial and this.

As a sufferer with dry skin I didn’t expect to work as well as it does and I was concerned about the fruit enzymes effectively burning my skin however, it remove any slight parts of dryness I had leaving behind a radiant complexion plus it didn’t irritate in the slightist.

Overall, I’m absolutely blown away by this product it is pricey but it definitely works and I’m now keen to see what else Elemis have to offer as a brand. It is pricey but if you are looking for a chemical exfoliator for dry skin then I would recommend this and I may just have to bite the bullet and purchase this myself, especially as I’ve found a great deal online (linked below.)

The Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel (retailing at £32.00) is available here for £25.50 for the 50ml size.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button, let me know in the comments if you have or would give this a go, what are your thoughts on chemical exfoliators and which ones have you tried?

Thanks for reading.

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