Lush Wishlist

I have to say I adore Lush but sometimes their products can be hit and miss, I’m extremely picky with scents but I have to say a quick scour of their website has got me really excited – especially as I’ve gotten back into baths. Here’s a quick wishlist of the products I’ve got my beady eye on. Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried any of these products and if I should pick them up!
Lush Wishlist

1) Dream Cream Self Preserving £12.50 (here)
Up first we have the Dream Cream and I’ve picked the self preserving one. I’ve never tried a lotion by Lush before but this one is apparently amazing for eczema and both my boyfriend and I suffer with this so we’re both keen to give this a try, hopefully it’s as good as the reviews say!

2) Five O Clock Whistle Shaving Cream £7.95 (here)
I love the concept of this and I did try the D’Fluff which Rachel owns but sadly I can’t get along with the smell (it’s definitely not strawberry like it’s described), this contains lime and I’m hoping that I’ll get along better with this scent.

3) Fresh Farmacy Facial Soap £5.25 (here)
I love trying new products and formulations and I’m yet to try a cleanser that is in soap form. Fresh Farmacy sounds particularly good to me as it contains calamine powder, chamomile and lavender which I know won’t irritate my sensitive skin.

4) Full of Grace Serum Bar £8.25 (here)
I love facial serums and oils but again I’ve not tried one in a bar form, in addition to this serums can be very expensive so if I don’t like it I’ve wasted a lot of money. This one has great reviews and the ingredients portobello mushrooms, calamine powder, fresh rose petal infusion and murumuru butter sound like products that will really benefit my skin.

5) Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter £6.95 (here)
This might be an odd product I have my eye on but who doesn’t like a product that smells like lemon curd, plus this can be used anywhere as it’s a multi-purpose product as well as cuticle butter. The inclusion of lemon infusion, mango butter, shea butter and tagetes oil also convinced me and that’s without discussing my raggedy cuticles!

6) Prince Charming Shower Cream £4.95 (here)
I’m a sucker for sweet and fruity scents and this shower gel sounds right up my street. Within this cute little bottle is a combination of pomegranate juice, marshmallow root and vanilla pod infusion with cocoa butter which smells absolutely delightful.

7) Quinquireme of Nineveh Soap £4.26 (here)
This is a recent addition from what I’ve gathered and it sounds absolutely delicious, I adore coconut and this contains creamy coconut, benzoin resinoid, vanilla absolute ad orange oil which all sounds absolutely mouthwatering. I’m going to have to give this a go soon.

8) Rub Rub Rub Body Scrub £5.95 (here)
As an Eczema sufferer I’m always looking for scrubby products that can help me to keep the dry skin at bay so I’m super excited about this. It looks absolutely adorable with the pastel blue and pink cherry blossom plus I love the scent of jasmine which this contains.

9) Skindrink Facial Moisturiser £12.95 (here)
I’ve been looking to try a higher end moisturiser than Nivea but I know that a lot of high end skincare products are packed with perfume that irritates my sensitive skin so I’m super excited to give this a go. It’s jam packed with nourishing oils and products and apparently a little goes a long way.

10) The Experimenter Bath Bomb £3.95 (here)
Now that I’m starting to really enjoy baths I’m looking to pick up some bath bombs, there’s so many that I want to try but The Experimenter is one that I simply cannot resist, simply because of the explosion of colours!

That concludes this wishlist, if you enjoyed this post please hit the like button and let me know which of these (or any other Lush products) I should try!

Thanks for reading.


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