Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz Review

Today I have a cult product to share with you guys and it’s the infamous Brow Wiz by Anastasia Beverly Hills. For those of you who may not massively be into beauty, this is probably one of if not the most hyped up and popular brow products seconded by the Dipbrow Pomade by the same company. I’ve been really eager to see if this lives up to the hype so I was really happy when my boyfriend picked it out for Christmas for me (he chose presents from him and his family). Without further ado here’s my thoughts.
brow wiz and box
So this is the product and I have the shade Dark Brown which is a perfect match for me. The product is double ended with one end being a spoolie and the other end being the actual brow pencil which is retractable (so no product wastage yay!), I did take photos of the spoolie and the pencil but the weather at the time of writing made it difficult to get a non blurry image. This product is what I would describe as high end (or at the very least mid range) at £15.50.

Before I get onto my thoughts, as usual I’d like to add the product description so I can measure up the description and claims against my experiences with the product, the product description is as follows:
“Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz is an ultra-fine brow pencil which fills in sparse brows for a naturally fuller appearance. Featuring a mechanical pencil and spooley brush, Brow Wiz is the ultimate brow pencil for convenient and effortless brow maintenance. The mechanical pencil eliminates messy sharpening whilst the spooley brush blends colour seamlessly. Available in an array of colours to suit all brow colours, Brow Wiz has an ultra-fine tip which mimics the appearance of tiny hairs. Free from Parabens and Sulphates, Brow Wiz has a smudge-proof formula which leaves the brows looking fresh, natural and refined throughout the day. Tip: Brow Wiz is perfect for brow areas that may be sparse or over-tweezed.”

There is also nine different shades of this product with different undertones to suit a range of hair colours. My shade Dark Brown is for Medium to Black Hair (my hair is naturally dark brown) with no ashy undertones, the rest of the shades are as follows:

Taupe – Light to dark blonde hair.
Medium Brown – Light to medium brown and silver hair.
Dark Brown – Medium brown to black hair.
Caramel – Golden brown to light brunette hair.
Ebony – Dark brown to black hair.
Soft Brown – Medium brown hair.
Granite – Very dark brown to black hair with cool or ashy tones.
Chocolate – Warm brown to dark brown hair.
Auburn – Strawberry blonde to auburn hair.
This is an image of my brows before using the product, although I’ve never overplucked them my brows are naturally sparse so need some filling in. I also gave the spoolie a try, plenty of people claim it’s an excellent spoolie but since I don’t really use or need them I can’t really comment I definitely don’t like the feel of spoolies against my skin though!
What I can comment though and what I’m more interested in is the product itself and wow this really is amazing and is definitely the best brow pencil I’ve ever used. The pencil is soft enough and precise enough that it’s easy to fill in the hairs, it also doesn’t come out too dark unless you apply pressure so you can get a really natural look. What I love is that this isn’t so creamy that it smudges but it’s so hard that it’s uncomfortable to use, just in case you weren’t convinced check out this photo below, it’s the neatest my brows have ever looked.
perfect brow
I have to say I absolutely adore this product and it is my all time favourite brow product I even prefer it over my beloved brow kit. It is a little pricey but I have no doubt that once this is gone I’ll be at the very least incredibly tempted to repurchase, and I’d definitely recommend.

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz is available here for £15.50 with free delivery.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button and let me know in the comments if you have tried this, if you would want to try this or what your favourite brow products are I’m always up for trying new brow products!

Thanks for reading.


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