Messhead Hair Therapy Shine Serum Review

Today I have a product to review that was given to me by Rachel and it’s a shine serum. Naturally my hair is pretty shiny and soft (to the point where it can be hard to style) but I’m always up for trying new products that add shine or glossiness especially to the ends of my hair. Here’s my verdict.
So this is the product and it’s a clear thick liquid inside a small blue bottle, I’m not sure how much this cost but what little I can find out about the brand online suggests that it’s very cheap.

The product claims are as follows:
For frizz free, smooth hair use this pure serum which will help to improve manageability and give instant shine to dry hair.”

In terms of scent this isn’t bad at all the scent is quite hard to describe but really just smells like a typical hair product there’s nothing particularly lovely or nasty about it.

The texture of this product is one of two things that unfortunately I’m not a fan of, the serum is very silicone feeling and of all the hair oils and serums I’ve ever tried I’ve never found a product that is so siliconey which I’m not a fan off as it does feel slightly heavy on the hair which can lead to product buildup.

This does definitely add shine to the hair however, for someone whose hair is already shiny this has much more of a greasy sort of texture which I’m definitely not keen on. I think that if my hair was extremely dry then it would work but for my hair which at the moment is healthy and shiny anyway it’s not really something that I need.

Overall, this isn’t the worst product I’ve tried and it’ll be interesting to try again if my hair ever got really dry, it’s worth a go for only a small amount of money (you can get these on Ebay for a few pounds) but I wouldn’t use it for myself nor would I repurchase.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button, let me know in the comments if you have tried this or what your thoughts are on silicone-heavy hair products.

Thanks for reading.


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