Birthday Haulin’

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I turned 21 yesterday which was definitely a memorable day! I celebrated my birthday with my family the day before on the 28th and went shopping with my mum and had a home cooked meal, then yesterday on my actual birthday I spent with my friends at Meadowhall plus my sneaky boyfriend whisked me out for a meal as well. As I’ve had two days of shopping I thought it would be nice to share with you what I got plus a few extra special gifts that I didn’t want to get swamped in yesterday’s post, before I begin a few disclaimers…
Disclaimer A: I’m not bragging, I shouldn’t need to say this but just in case, I’m honestly very lucky!
Disclaimer B: I did miss off some presents yesterday, some were small trinkets, some were a little too personal and would have required explanation (such as a water bottle that will help with my illness) and some which were not photographing well. I’ve not forgotten though!

new shoes
Usually I always had few pairs of shoes and had a tendency to wear them down so this year I was determined to build up my collection. Not only do I have my beloved lace up ankle boots but mum gave me some black pumps as well alongside the Creepers which were a birthday gift. The real steal of the day was these shoes from Office which had been reduced from eight pounds to twenty five pounds! I’m not usually a fan of fringe at all but I love the rounded fringe, tapered style and chocolate sole and heel. I have dropped a shoe size so these are a size three and they fit perfectly, I absolutely adore them!
I did end up with many clothes, I swapped a pair of jeans with my sister as hers were too tight and mine were too big and I ended up with black Topshop Skinny Jeans which I love, I also grabbed these tights from H and M alongside some socks and a beautiful white top that was in the sale, this was with a ten pound gift card from my friend Neela. I also exchanged a denim skirt that I received from my nan for Christmas in New Look as it didn’t fit well and instead ended up with a black long sleeved top which is lovely and a beautiful floral skirt, I also grabbed a two pairs of black frilly socks which are incredibly cute!

I was in desperate need of a new diary to keep track for my hospital appointments and deadlines, I love music and I play the piano, keyboard and previously the harp so I couldn’t resist this diary from The Works, it’s got plenty of space to write in and was only two pounds!
colouring books
I became quite envious at Christmas when my mum and sister received adult colouring books and stationary and decided that I wanted to give them a go myself, I picked up the Sacred Symbols one which ha splenty of runes and symbols in it and also got this Landscapes book, I now have a good mix of pictures and mandalas to colour.
art materials
I picked up some supplies for a Uni project mainly a folder and some white card but I needed to get some things to colour in my books with so I raided WH Smiths. I got this amazing set of colouring pencils for around £6.00 as well as fifteen felt tips and fifteen fine-liners, below is an image of the first page of the Sacred Symbols book that I’ve coloured in, I really love art and did a GCSE in it (got an A!) so this makes me happy.
me colouring

beauty facial
I didn’t pick up many beauty items as I was so sppoilt with Christmas and Birthday presents but I did get another can of my beloved Charles Worthington Texturising Spray which I love, I also decided to give the Sleek Sun Kissed Illuminator a go this shade is pictured, as the swatch was gorgeous. Finally I’ve been wanting to give Quick Fix Facials a try since they landed in Boots and decided to get a manual exfoliating mask as I don’t have many exfoliators.

body shop passionfruit bonbon frosted cranberry set red raspberry
I love smellies so decided to stock up on some items whilst they were available. The Body Shop Body Butter i Passionfruit was a limited edition item I believe and when I saw it in my local store previously I had no cash on me and it was the last one, I saw a pile of these in the Body Shop when I went shopping so grabbed one whilst it was available. I don’t tend to buy myself perfume and when I do it’s never extravagant, sadly the DKNY Be Desired scent wich I adore is sold out so it was a toss up between this and YSL Black Opium. Eventually I opted for the 30ml of the Viktor and Rolf Bonbon which was fifty pounds for 30ml so I’ll be saving this for occasions. Rachel kindly gifted me the Fristed Cranberry Body Butter from the Body Shop and my heart has been aching for the mist but sadly it’s sold out globally (sob) I decided if  couldn’t have the mist I’d buy as much from the range as possible, this set was reduced to £11.50 and then without my knowledge I had five pounds on my loyalty card, so I got this for only £6.50. It has minis of the body butter, body scrub, shower gel and the shimmer lotion and smells divine, this made up for the fact that LUSH was empty of all the Christmas items I wanted to get! Finally I spotted a candle shop but I’m not really a fan of many if any of the Christmas scents but I love raspberries so I grabbed the Red Raspberry Votive which smells lovely.

Special Mentions
Finally these were gifts for my birthday but these were so special that they deserved an entire section of their own so I decided to put them into this post instead of my previous gifts post. These are absolutely amazing and I will truly treasure them, the thought behind these are overwhelming.
liv liv inside
This first gift was from my beautiful sister Olivia, and she spent months making this for my 21st birthday and when I opened it I immediately started crying. For a long time I’ve suffered with depression (for around ten years now) and I’ve suffered with Anxiety for fifteen years, I’m medicated but sometimes things get me down so my sister made this Emergency Down Box. Whenever I feel sad I’ve been instructed to look inside to cheer me up. The outside is covered with Roald Dahl card pieces with quotes and images that she stuck on the outside. Inside around the edges is a list of people who care including my family, friends and boyfriends. She then filled the top part with relaxing bath bombs, emergency chocolate, a relaxing candle, sweets and an emergency pouch of tobacco. I’m a smoker but she’s not quite old enough yet to buy tobacco so she instructed my parents to get this which is so incredibly sweet. Underneath is photos of me with friends, family and my boyfriend, some of the photos I had no idea even existed, there’s also a selection of notes ranging from happy memories, quotes that we used to say and reasons why she loves me, nobody has ever done something so incredibly thoughtful for me in my entire life and it’s like a memory box, I plan on adding to it over the years as it’s like a time capsule of my life. Thank you so much to my wonderful sister to being so incredibly thoughtful, for once I’m speechless and can’t put into words how sweet this is but I simply had to share it with the world, if you’re reading this I love you!
nans painting
My nan has always loved art and growing up it was her who taught me how to drawn and paint, she used to let me sleep at her house and would settle me down with paints, pencils and papers to teach me. She doesn’t have as much time these days and I know that she doesn’t paint as much if at all anymore, so I asked her to paint me a fantasy inspired piece for my new house when I graduate. My nan painted this and framed it in a lovely wooden frame, something like this is priceless and I have to say the photo doesn’t do it justice! Thank you nan for the time taken to paint this for me I honestly love it and I’ll treasure it forever!
blog post
Finally is a tribute to myself and our friendship from the lovely Rachel, you can view this here. I truly was convinced that Rachel had forgotten my birthday (she deliberately hoodwinked me the sly beggar!) and she’d spent the day putting together this post filled with memories of our friendship so far, there’s plenty of hidden jokes but an entire blog post dedicated to my 21st was honestly heartwarming and yes it did make me cry. Thank you Rachel for creating something so lovely, it truly makes me smile!

That concludes this post, if you enjoyed this please hit the like button and let me know in the comments what you think of these things.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Hope you had a lovely Birthday Hun 🙂 xxxx

  2. rachelhailesx says:

    I’m so glad that you liked the post lovely! I hope you had the bestest day ever! 🙂 xx

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