Max Factor Creme Puff Powder Review

You may have noticed that in my makeup tutorials I have switched powders. I’m quite particular with powder and I do think that a good powder is hard to come by with many being too thick or thin, too chalky, too drying, or the wrong shade. I’ve replaced my Rimmel London Stay Matte Powder with a powder that Rachel gave me and I have to say this is my new favourite powder, created by Max Factor.
max factor powder
In terms of the packaging I’m not overly keen on this, similar to the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer that writing fades away leaving this looking grubby, but having said that I do prefer the thicker plastic over the Rimmel London powder that always shattered, to improve though I would definitely put this in a compact – some food for thought there Max Factor!

Starting with the shade if you are literally white pale I wouldn’t recommend this, Rachel has very pale skin with cool undertones and this does look orange on her whereas on my fair skin with neutral or warm undertones this blends seamlessly into my skin and I can’t detect it. If you do have the irish red hair colouring that gives white skin I wouldn’t recommend this.

In terms of smell this is so nice, it’s vanilla-like and reminds me of an old powder room which I really really love, the scent isn’t too heavy but is present I haven’t found that this irritates my skin though.

Finally onto the formula and I absolutely adore it, this doesn’t mattify as such but what it does do is remove shine and help my makeup stay in place without fading away throughout the day. For the first time I can put my makeup on in the morning and it lasts all day hallelujah!

Overall, I love this powder, I would recommend it and I will be repurchasing it, if you’re looking for a great powder I’d definitely suggest trying this in store!

The Max Factor Creme Puff Powder is available here for Β£6.99.

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2 Responses to Max Factor Creme Puff Powder Review

  1. rachelhailesx says:

    I wasn’t a huge fan of this to begin with but I actually think I may have confused it with the foundation I was wearing. I actually want to give this a go again now! GREAT POST TOO! πŸ™‚ xx

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