My Brow Evolution

When I look back to how I liked to wear makeup when I first started my blog at the age of eighteen it’s astonishing to see how much I’ve changed when it comes to my preferences. Back then it was all about heavy eye makeup and now as I wait for my 21st birthday (in four days) I’ve realised that my style has become a lot more classic, a lot more mature and a lot more refined. I thought it would be fun to do a little evolution of my brows, I will warn you that some of these are absolutely terrible and thankfully I feel like I’ve sorted myself out but feel free to have a good old laugh with me.

The “I don’t need to fill in my brows look”
no brows
This is a photo when I first started university three years ago now! Up until the age of eighteen brows were something I never really bothered with, I did pluck mine but I had no idea how to shape them I didn’t know how to fill them in and as you can see I was left with very sparse almost grey looking brows, looking back it’s ultra cringe worthy especially as I look at how bad my eye makeup was back then as well!

The “My brows are shiny caterpillars look”
long and thick

Goodness gracious look at those shiny slugs! I was taught to fill in my brows by Rachel who loves dramatic, bold eyebrows but I think they look a little too much on myself! On the bright side, my eyeliner techniques has improved.

The “I will have thin brows look”
thin arched
I must have thought that the thick brows were too much because I then started to thin them out and at one point was going as thin as I possibly could. I do actually like my brows in this photo as I’d managed to nail the angle but I later decided that rather than rounding them off I’d go with a sharper angle.

“The sharp yet oddly blobby look”
flat angled
I then moved onto having my brows start with a razer sharp angle, unfortunately I paid less attention to the arch and ended up with brows that started sharp then rounded out and looked a little odd and blobby, not good! I decided from then to stop plucking them as fiercely and to try and go with a more natural look.

The new natural brows”
Nowadays I try and go for more natural looking brows, this photo is blurry so isn’t the best to showcase what I mean but I now tend to just follow my natural brow and fill in as I go along, my right eyebrow (the left one in the photo) is higher up and thicker naturally than the other brow, but they do say that eyebrows are sisters and not twins! I feel like the natural look is much easier for day to day and suits me a lot better.

That concludes the evolution of my brows and I’ve definitely had a few laughs at some of the looks I ended up with, how do you style your brows and which of these brows do you like? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading.


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2 Responses to My Brow Evolution

  1. Suzy Queue says:

    This is great! I’ve always kept my brows the same, but since I discovered threading, they are so much cleaner. Happy new Year!!

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