Primark Winter Snowflake False Nails Review

Just before I start this review Merry Christmas! I hope that each and everyone of you whether you celebrate or not has a wonderful day!

False nails are something that I never used to use but over this past year I’ve started using them more and so when I popped into Primark I was really grateful when Rachel picked me up two boxes of my choice (I bought her lip balms in return.) I’ve never tried Primark False Nails up until now but I’ve been using them and have a solid opinion so here’s my thoughts.
nails package
This is the little box that they come in it’s pretty simple but very effective, personally I love the minimalist look. I definitely can’t complain at the price a box of these with glue included only costs £1.00!
I picked up two designs and will be reviewing the other ones at a later date, but these are absolutely stunning, they have a blue background with silver glitter and then little white snowflakes stamped on, some of the snowflakes are ever so slightly off but in all honesty I couldn’t care less, I absolutely adore the design.

There’s plenty of different shapes and sizes, I have very small hands and small and narrow nail beds but these fit me just fine with plenty of backups, this also came with a glue which I was reliant on as I’d run out of my Elegant Touch Nail Glue and I have to say the glue in these is even better very strong, easy to work with and does what it needs to, just don’t do what I did and open it at the wrong end, there’s a tip end and then the bottom I opened the bottom section but that worked for me.
nails on me
I have clipped these down simply because I can’t function when my nails are too long but this is how the nails look when they’re on, I find them easy enough to wear and there’s no sticky adhesive. I used the small white dot on each nail to match the nails up by size making things much easier.

Overall I love these, they’ve stayed on really well, look great and are budget friendly and easy to use, if you love false nails check this range out you won’t be disappointed!

The Primark False Nails are available at Primark for £1.00.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button, let me know in the comments what you think of these false nails, I’m obsessed!

Thanks for reading.


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