Mua Pro Base Eye Primer Review

As someone who uses eyeshadow daily, having a good eye primer is key to making sure that they stay in place and look beautiful all day long. After having a bit of a disaster with a W7 Eye Primer (the flimsy packaging broke) I decided to give the MUA Pro Base Eye Primer a try to see if I could find a budget eye primer that worked, here’s my thoughts.
mua eye primer
The packaging is relatively plain, it’s nothing particularly eye catching but it does do the job, the lid does have a built in doe foot applicator so I apply this by putting the product on my lid with the applicator then blending out with my finger. The price point of this is extremely budget friendly at only £2.50 per tube.

The product itself comes out with a slight tint so if you have fair skin I can confirm that this blends seamlessly into the skin without looking orange, because this is sheer in colour it can be used on all skin tones without looking ashy or white or orange which is a huge bonus.
When I apply this is feels creamy rather than siliconey and it works under both powder and cream eyeshadows without balling up or creasing which I really like, this does increase the longevity of eyeshadows but it also provides a base that increases the vibrancy of the colours used which is always a bonus.

I have normal eyelids they’re not dry or oily so this works really well for me but it will depend on your own lids as to how well this works, I’ve not tried any high end eye primers but I’d still say that this is a great product, it does everything I need to without any flaking or smudging, plus it’s easy on the wallet which is always an added bonus.
Overall I am impressed with this, I would recommend it to anyone looking to try a decent eye primer that is budget friendly, and I would repurchase, I can also confirm that a little goes a long way, I’ve been using this tube for ages and it’s not expired or run out it’s still going strong!

The MUA Pro Base Eye Primer is available here for £2.50.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button, let me know in the comments what you think of this eye primer if you have tried it and if you haven’t tried it if you’ll be giving it a go.

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