Maybelline The Instant Eye Eraser Concealer

This is the second time writing this post since my computer decided to delete it the first time (cheers computer). I’ve been looking forward to reviewing this simply because it’s rather a cult product there’s plenty of rave reviews about it so I’m excited to be sharing my thoughts and here they are.
Maybelline instant eye eraser
This concealer is very different to most concealers that I have tried, first of all it works best and under eyes rather than under eyes and blemishes and it has a twist up function to get dispense the product with a sponge tip applicator. This product costs £7.99 which is on the more expensive side of drugstore concealers.

Starting with the applicator, I have to be honest I hate the sponge tip. I know that doe foot applicators aren’t the best thing, but I feel like the sponge gets dirty quickly and is quite unhygenic, unfortunately this is constantly being dabbed onto the face without any way of cleaning it so I feel like I’m constantly wiping bacteria onto my under eyes, I think if this was in a squeezy tube it would be better packaged in terms of hygeine.
Initially the colour of this really surprised me, I chose the lightest shade and this is a very yellow concealer, it’s great for under eyes because it colour corrects in the fact that yellow counteracts blue and purple veining however this wouldn’t work on blemishes as would make the skin look discoloured and sallow which is a shame as I usually like my concealer to do both.

Having said that, this concealer does do a good job under my eyes, it manages to conceal my circles which is exactly why I use it, I find that this doesn’t crease at all and doesn’t sink in to the fine lines under my eyes which I’m really grateful for as that is a major bug bear of mine.

This also lasts all day which is exactly what I need, it stays in place, doesn’t slip, slide, crease, flake or fade and does the job so I’m pretty impressed.

I’m not sure if I’d say this meets the hype, it’s good but not the best ever concealer I think that it would be great to have the brightening shade in the UK as I’d love to give that a try and I think that I’d prefer it over such a yellow product, apart from that and the sponge tip though I do like it. I’d recommend it if you can get past those issues, in terms of repurchase I think I would but will probably revert back to my beloved Collection concealer for the time being.

The Maybelline Instant Eraser Eye Concealer is available here for £7.99.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button, let me know in the comments if you have tried this concealer and what you thought about it.

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One Response to Maybelline The Instant Eye Eraser Concealer

  1. Agree with you! It’s a good concealer but not worth the hype as I much prefer my collection lasting perfection concealer which is half the price 🙂

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