Lace Nail Art Tutorial

Although my nails are incredibly short, (not only do I bite them but a health condition I have makes them snap) I still adore nail art and I really enjoy creating my own designs so I thought it would be fun to created a nail design, especially as I was feeling inspired by the lace tights that people often wear. I hope that you enjoy this post.
You Will Need:
A silver nail polish
Stick on nail gems (optional but go for black, white or silver)
White Nail Art Pen (or thin tipped polish)
Black Nail Art Pen (or thin tipped polish)
Top and Base Coats

Step One and Two:
silver polish
To start this look you will want to add a base coat to keep the nails nice and protected I started by applying the Sally Hansen Maximum Strength Nail Treatment to try and help my nails to grow stronger. Next I applied a silver nail polish and I used the Seventeen Nail Colour in Moonstruck which is part of the Seventeen Nail Clash Collection from 2014.

Step Three
nail gems
Next I added some nail gems just to those half moon parts of the nail and I used these Black Star Nail Gems from the Seventeen Nail Clash Collection (2014). If you like your nails to be simplistic then this could be where you stop but I wanted to create an intricate design so I then went onto the next step.

Step Four and Five
To create this lace effect the most simple way if you have the equipment is to use nail stamping but I don’t have one of those so I created this design freehand. I started by using a Seventeen Black Nail Art Pen again part of the same collection from above and I created flowers and abstract shapes to create a lace effect. I then used my Seventeen White Nail Art Pen to fill in some gaps and to emphasise the look, this takes time and patience but looks great. I also added black tips to some of the nails with my nail art pen as well. Finally you can add a top coat to seal your design, I didn’t have one to hand but it helps protect your design and nails.

That concludes this tutorial, if you enjoyed this post please hit the like button and let me know in the comments what you think of this look, if you would like more nail art designs and if you have any requests.

Thanks for reading.

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