Sarah Chapman Skinesis Overnight Facial Review

If there’s one skincare product that I’ve heard so much about it has to be the Sarah Chapman Skinesis Overnight Facial, so imagine my surprise when I purchased a perfume box that contained this inside as an added bonus! I’ve been holding onto this for a good while and I have lots to say about this product so here’s my thoughts.
This is a deluxe sample size so ths packaging is slightly different but I actually like the grey and silver combination I think it looks quite chic and sophisticated, I’m not sure how much this sample is worth simply because samples are not the sort of thing that are freely available to buy.

The product description is as follows:
“Capture the essence of Sarah Chapman’s world famous Skinesis facial in a bottle with Sarah Chapman Skinesis Overnight Facial. The non-greasy formula leaves skin looking plumped, rejuvenated and glowing. Sarah Chapman Skinesis Overnight Facial brings a revolutionary facial treatment to your home. A power potion of antioxidants, vitamins, Renovage, omega oils, Dermaxyl peptide, natural flower extracts with our signature skin brightening complex. Fragranced with a soothing blend of essentials oils including rose, jasmine and frangipani, this irresistibly silky serum formula is enriched with Renovage to increase the life span of skin cells, vitamins A and C, both approved anti-agers, and soothing and nourishing omega oils to give instant results to flat, dull and unbalanced skin leaving you refreshed and radiant – recreating a facial-like effect overnight.”

This is definitely a long product description so I’m going to pick through this bit by bit. First of all I definitely agree with the non greasy sentiment, this is a very silky oil that is almost siliconey in the way that it applies then absorbs straight into the skin very luxurious and definitel a treat for the skin.

I also agree with the effects, I’ve never been fussed about dewy skin as I didn’t like the sort of sweaty sheeny kind of skin, but recently I’ve been very much into radiance and glow getters so I was super excited to try this.

This definitely made my skin very glowy and radiant and whatsmore the effects lasting for a good few days with my skin looking very healthy and dare I say youthful (I am only twenty but my skin can often get dull).

So there we have it, I do like this but I don’t think I’d repurchase this just because of the price point I think that £45 is a lot of money for one item, but if I came across a sample or had unlimited cash I’d definitely get the full size.

The Sarah Chapman Skinesis Overnight Facial is available here for £45.00.

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