Seven Deadly Sins Lust Inspired LOTD

Ever since I was a child, the seven deadly sins always fascinated me, I particularly enjoyed reading Dante’s Inferno and found a morbid fascination with the different circles of hell. That brings me onto my first look in a series which is a Lust inspired look, I’ve tried to make these a little more wearable although I probably will end getting a lot more creative with them, I hope you like it!
Rimmel London Glam Eyes Quad Eyeshadow in 001 Smokey Noir
I decided that I would go for a smokey eye but with a little bit of a twist, so I started by creating the smokiness using a blend of grey eyeshadows. To start with I used a matte grey eyeshadow across my lid before blending a black eyeshadow from the outer corners inwards. For the inner corners I added some silver eyeshadow and then I pressed a darker silver eyeshadow in the middle of my eyelids to add some depth.
BH Cosmetics 88 Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette
I decided to skip eyeliner as I didn’t want to end up looking like an extra from the Rocky Horror Show, and instead I decided to run an eyeshadow across my lower lash line. To me the main colours associated with Lust are of course red and then a little bit of black, it makes me think of leather and corsets and red lipstick, so I took a deep raspberry coloured eyeshadow and just ran that across my lower lash line.
Rimmel London Wonderfull Wake Me Up Mascara
They key to any makeup look is mascara especially when you are creating a bold eye makeup look. I would have liked to have used a better mascara but I’m determined to use this tube up first (it’s taking forever seriously). I started by curling my lashes with my French Connection eyelash curlers and then went in with this mascara on my lashes. I skipped the lower lash line as this mascara has quite a wet formula and I didn’t want it to transfer.
Sleek Brow Kit in Dark:
For brows I went with my trusty brow kit from Sleek and used the pigmented wax to create defined brows. I bloomin’ love this eyebrow kit although I’ve nearly used up all of the wax! If you like full brows then give this a whirl, it’s all kinds of awesome.

Face Makeup:
Rimmel London Lasting Finish Foundation:
Onto face makeup now and I haven’t bothered using primer, it’s been a long time since I’ve used a primer as a) I’ve run out and b) I’ve found a base that works so well and stays on all day that primer simply isn’t needed. This is my favourite foundation at the moment and I’ve found that the best way to apply it is with my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, the two are a dreamy combination and for the first itme in my life a light coverage is all I need, hallelujah!
Maybelline Instant Eye Eraser Concealer in Light:
Contradictory to the last paragraph although I really have found my perfect base, my under eye circles are all kinds of cray so I do need concealer to deal with those. This one is very yellow toned which really surprised me when I first used it, but in terms of colour correction yellow is great at correcting blue and purple tones so no wonder this works so well!
Astor Deluxe Bronzer in 002 Safari Fever:
I can’t actually get enough of this bronzer at the moment, it cost me four pounds and it’s so amazing especially for pale skin like mine. I applied this to the hollows of my cheeks with my Real Techniques Contour Brush and then brought it up to my temples and hairline and boom – my cheekbones exist.
Topshop Glow in Polish:
I think I’ve found my holy grail highlighter, I kid you not this stuff is seriously amazing. This is a cream highlighter and I apply this with my fingers just to the top of the cheekbones. It helps me to really sculpt my cheekbones and yet it’s so subtle at the same time, this really does help my skin glow and I love it.
Max Factor Creme Puff Face Powder in Fair:
I found that my old powder (Rimmel London Stay Matte) had a tendency to cake on my face, wear away and leave patchy looking skin behind so I’m glad that I was given this. This smells really nice (like old school powder rooms) and I use a very small amount just on any areas where my makeup tends to fade, that’s all I need and it works like a charm.

Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick in Cherry Red:
I love lipsticks and I have more than a few high end ones in my collection but Natural Collection lipsticks will always have a special place in my heart, why? Because they’re amazing value for money! Top quality satin formula that’s saturated with colour, non drying and doesn’t slip and slide teamed with a £1.99 price tag and I’m sold.

That concludes this LOTD I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button, let me know in the comments what you think of this look and if you would give it a go.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. rachelhailesx says:

    This was really fun to read and made me laugh, haha! Love the look. ❤ xx

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