Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick in Raspberry

I’m building up quite a collection of Natural Collection Lipsticks owning around four now, but they’re the sort of lipstick that at £1.99 you can buy yourself them every now and then without feeling guilty. The latest shade to join my collection is Raspberry (and I have another that I’m yet to show) so I thought I’d give it a review, here’s my thoughts.
nc lipstick
I’ve mentioned the packaging before, the design fits the brand but it’s just so flimsy that I do think that it needs an update. Price point for this lipstick is £1.99 which is a great price for a lipstick that’s quite decent in quality.

Starting with the formula and I do love the formula of the moisture shine range, these lipsticks apply really smoothly and effortlessly onto the lips and add saturated colours without slipping or sliding but also without dragging or clinging to dry patches.

These also wear off evenly no dreaded ring of colour or flaking or patchiness which pleases me to know end as it means I can comfortably leave this on all day knowing that it won’t end up a complete mess.

Originally I thought that Raspberry would be a deep pink but it’s actually a muted berry, it’s the shade that can be easily overlooked however I think that muted tones make it very versatile and it’s great as an everyday lipstick that is on trend for Autumn without being too in your face, this the work appropriate berry lip.
on me
Overall I’m very impressed, I love the satin finish, the colour and the formula and if you still haven’t given them a go then certainly go and try them, you can’t go wrong for £1.99.

The Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipsticks are available here for £1.99.

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