Tigi Bedhead Joyride Texturising Powder Balm Review

When I heard about the new Tigi Bedhead Joyride Texturising Powder Balm I have to say I didn’t think it would work, first of all how can something be a powder and a balm (it’s not powdery at all), secondly the idea of a balm for the hair put me off majorly after conjuring up images of a sticky greasy wax that would make my hair look like crap, but as we all know first impressions aren’t always correct and are usually wrong so here’s my review.

Amendment: After writing this review I realised that this had later turned my hair super greasy so for that reason I probably wouldn’t recommend unless you have super dry hair.
tigi joyride
(I did try to rotate this but have been having technical issues apologies)
This is a sample of the Tigi Bedhead Joyride Texturising Balm, in all honesty the packaging isn’t the nicest I’ve seen, to me the pinky purple and orange clash and don’t look that nice together, but as well all know it’s all about the product inside.

The Product Description is as follows:
“Introducing the world’s first powder primer balm for hair. It creates the perfect base layer for any style and helps keep it that way. TIGI Bed Head Joyride Texturizing Powder Balm primes the hair with a fine, invisible powder that adds texture and grip making styling and hold easy. Freshly washed hair can be fluffy and difficult to control. TIGI Bed Head Joyride Texturizing Powder Balm uses breakthrough technology which transforms on touch from a thick balm to a dry powder for easier styling by adding grip, texture and definition, whatever style you’re creating.”

Starting with the texture and to be honest I didn’t find any powder, this comes out like a silicone primer if anything but when you rub it into your hair it disperses easily and doesn’t gum or stick the hair together which pleasantly surprised me, this also smells like blue raspberry Slush Puppies which quite frankly is yummy.

My hair naturally is quite flat I’m lucky to have natural shine but when I straighten it it can get flat really easily and now that I’ve cut it shorter I like to mess it up with a texturising product.
As you can see this is the before photo and my hair is looking rather flat, this was before I applied the product. The product was indeed invisible (clear in colour) so I rubbed this onto my fingers then ruffled it through my hair, I used no brush or any other products.
Here’s the after photo and I have to say I’m super impressed with this, as you can see my hair has a lot more texture and bounce and looks a lot better. I’m pleased to say that despite only using a small amount of product this lasted most if not all of the day.

This is described as a primer for hair so you can use it under other products but in all honesty I like it on it’s own as it does a really good job. I’m super impressed with this and I’d definitely recommend, I may just have to grab myself a full sized bottle after Christmas.

The Tigi Joyride Texturising Powder Balm is available here for £14.92.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button, let me know in the comments if you have tried this or if you would consider it.

Thanks for reading.


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