Christmas Gift Guide Under £20 His and Hers

Christmas is drawing near and if you’re anything like me you will have those awkward friends and family members where you have no idea what to buy them. This year I thought it would be fun to do two seperate gift guides, today’s has ten gift ideas for women and ten for men and all presents and under twenty pounds and my second gift guide will have ten gift ideas for ladies and ten for men over twenty pounds. I hope you enjoy thse guides and find some inspiration and fear not no Lynx sets to be found!
* Please note the prices for these items do not include shipping

For the Ladies…
Carolina Herrera Journal and Pencil Box Set £7.99 (TKMaxx)
carolina herrera journal and pencil set
This cute little set offers three fabric covered hardback journals with golden edges and three pencils presented in a lovely box for those ladies who like to write. If you know someone who likes to keep a diary, jot down ideas and thoughts or is partial to some creative writing then this is a great little gift.
The Body Shop Treat Box (available in a choice of three scents) £8.00 (TheBodyShop)
body shop treat box
These cute little treat boxes come with a shower gel, a body butter and a bath lily for those women who love to smell great. There’s a choice of three flavours which include Frosted Plum, Glazed Apple (a scent I adored last year) and Frosted Cranberry (which I adore this year.) The scents are incredible and great as a little kit of luxury.
Lush Little Snow Fairy Gift Box £8.50 (Lush)
lush little snow fairy
This adorable little set contains two Lush products including the Snow Fairy Shower Gel which smells like candy floss and bubblegum mmmm…plus the Red Fun which is a versatile scented product that can be used as a shampoo, soap or bubblebar once you’ve moulded it into a funny shape of course. This is super cute and great for Lush Lovers.
Aroma Home Cat Hand Warmers £10.00 (Boots)
aroma home cat warmers
These are perfect for keeping hands warm in the biting cold, to use simply press down on the metal inside and snap to release the warming heat which will warm the gel, then to reuse place the gel filled bags into a pan of hot warmer so the metal fuses together. These are really practical plus the cute cat covers add extra comfort.
Studio London Beauty Tool Set £10.00 (Superdrug)
studio london beauty tool set
If you know a makeup brush hoarder or better yet someone who is building up their collection of brushes then this is a great set. I received some of the Studio London brushes last year and they’re nice quality. This kit contains everything you need with brushes, a blending sponge and nail files.
Accessorize Wool Glove with Buttons Gloves £12.00 (Accessorize)
Accessorize gloves
There’s nothing worse than cold hands in winter and this is a simple yet lovely gift. These gloves are made with wool for added warmth and have cute button detailing, these are available in a choice of three colours including pale pink, grey and mink from Accessorize.
Nivea Skin Pampering Set £15.00 (Boots)
nivea pampering gift set
This is great for mums, nans and aunties who like a pamper. Within this set you get a face mask, a cream face wash, a day cream, lip balm, hand cream, moisturiser and shower cream which I can confirm is lovely btw. This is a well presented present great for a relaxing night in.
Makeup Revolution Ultra Professional Collection £16.00 (Superdrug)MUR actual set
Makeup Revolution is the brand that has been on everyone’s lips this year and this is a lovely gift set for fans of the brand. This contains brushes, lip products, eye products and face products galore which is great for those who want to try the brand or who already love it.
Soap and Glory In The Bag Set £18.00 (Boots)
Soap and Glory in the bag
Here is a set that Soap and Glory fans will be lusting after this year, inside the bad is the Hand Food Hand Cream and Heel Genius Foot Cream, the Glad Hair Day Shampoo, Clean One Me Shower Gel and The Scrub of Your Life Body Scrub as well as The Righteous Butter Body Butter and a bath lily. If you know someone who loves to indulge in bodycare products then this will be well received.
Benefit Pucker Up and Party Gift Set £19.50 (FeelUnique)
Benefit pucker up and party
Benefit isn’t the cheapest makeup but they have some excellent gift sets this year which are well worth the money and will save you on cash as well. This set is great for those who love lip products and contains four Benefit products including: Benebalm, Posiebalm, Benetint and Posietint. I got my friend one of these as a random gift and she loves it, we’re onto a winner here.

For the Gentlemen…
Itazura Stealing Coin Cat Money Box £4.79 (
stealing cat coin box
If you haven’t seen one of these before then go on youtube and search them because these are hilarious. A friend showed me these and they are money boxes, you operate them with two AA batteries and basically the cat/dog/panda (whichever animal you choose) sneaks out of the box grabs the coin with it’s paw and steals it into the box. It’s a great way to save and hilarious to watch.
Dove Men + Care Rugby Ball Gift Set £7.00 (Superdrug)
dove mencare
Despite not including any Lynx Sets I thought this would be a good gift for a sporty man. Here there’s a Body and Face Wash, a Deodorant and a Rugby Ball for the guy who loves to play sports.
Lush Santa’s Belly Gift Set £8.95 (Lush)
Lush Santa's Belly Gift Box
This gift is great for brothers, dads and uncles plus it smells incredible. Inside this gift you get the Red Fun which can be used as a shampoo, bubblebar, soap etc plus there’s the Santa’s Belly Shower Jelly which smells lovely and is great for flinging around in the shower. If you want to buy smellies but want something a little different.
I Heart Biscuits Pocket Mug £9.99 (Menkind)
I heart biscuits pocket mug
This is great for those guys who love a good brew. These are twenty pounds everywhere else but Menkind stocks them for under ten pounds, just buy him a pack of his favourite biscuits and he’ll be happy.
Twinings Tea Selection £10.00 (Boots)
Twinings set
This is a present that I’d only recommend if you know that he likes flavoured tea. For tea lovers though this really is awesome, there’s a whole range of different teas by twinings including fruity, herbal and high teas for afternoon tea. If he can’t be without a hot drink then this is a worthy gift.
World Lagers Selection £10.00 (Boots)
world lager selection
If you’re under eighteen then you may want to ask your mum or another relative to pick this up for you but this is great for the man who enjoys a good drink. There’s four different lagers in here from different parts of the world, great for those who love to travel and enjoy a bottle to unwind.
Vo5 Break the Mould Extreme Style Ultimate Style Tin £10.00 (Boots)
v05 break the mould
If you know a guy who is constantly grooming and taking care of his hair then this is a great gift. Inside we have a 2 in 1 shampoo, a texture putty and some texturising gum, great for a man who likes to style his hair.
Bulldog Skincare Kit for Men Washbag £15.00 (Boots)
bulldog skincare for men
For the man that is obsessed with grooming and skincare then this is perfect. Bulldog is a great brand for male skincare and this set includes a face wash, a face scrub and a moisturiser.
Starbucks Cocoa Duo Set £16.50 (Boots)
Starbucks Cocoa Duo
Nothing beats a good cup of hot chocolate when the weather gets hold and if you know a guy who loves hot chocolate then this is the way to go. With two mugs, two sachets of hot chocolate including double chocolate and salted caramel plus mini white marshmallows, you can have it all, now where’s the whipped cream?
Gillette FlexBall Travel Gift Set £17.50 (Superdrug)
Gillette Flexball Travel set
Finally for the man that shaves this is a bargain from Superdrug. In this set from Gillette (see that rhyme there?) we have a Flexball Razor, Sensitive Shaving Cream and a Washbag. If you know someone in need of a new razor this is the set.

That concludes this gift guide I will have another with gifts over twenty pounds, if you enjoyed this please hit the like button and let me know in the comments what you think of these gift ideas.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. rachelhailesx says:

    I love, love, love The Body Shop Glazed Apple scent. It’s absolutely gorgeous and I have my fingers crossed that I’ll be getting something from this range in my stocking this year! xx

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