Maybelline New York Dream Touch Blusher in Berry Review

It was last year when I was going through my makeup collection and I realised that I hadn’t really tried anything by Maybelline. Thankfully my boyfriend was kind enough to pick up a blusher for Christmas so here it is.
So this is the blusher it comes in a small glass pot with a screw on lid and you can see the colour of the blusher inside. This was a Christmas gift so I don’t know how much my boyfriend paid for this.
This is the colour of the blusher I wouldn’t really describe it as a berry tone so I feel like Maybelline have given this shade a misleading name, this is more of a peachy pink that’s more on the pink side.
Although the texture is creamy it isn’t as creamy as it could be and it does have drag, although the colour is pigmented it dries very quickly giving you only a few seconds to apply and blend, as a result I actually apply this to the back of my hand and then blend into my cheeks, the end result is so subtle it seems a bit pointless.
on me
Overall this is a bit meh and I am disappointed, this had potential, the colour is lovely but sadly it just doesn’t work for me and is too much fuss, I’d prefer something with a creamier texture that blends nicer, so I won’t be repurchasing.

The Maybelline New York Dream Blusher in 06 is available here for £6.49.

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