Seventeen Nail Clash Collection Review

Last year I was very much into nail art, I was constantly creating designs and even tutorials for you guys which I had so much fun with, so when it got to Christmas time I was pleasantly surprised when my mum and dad gave me the Seventeen Nail Clash Collection as a surprise Christmas present. I have to say I didn’t have my expectations too high with this but once again Seventeen have managed to wow me, so here’s my thoughts.
seventeen nail clash
This is the collection and it is made of thick cardboard that is remniscent of a book. On the outside is images of different designs and a little note asking people to tweet their creations to Seventeen. The only thing that does baffle me is that one of the designs is made up of two colours which aren’t in the set, but apart from that I like it. I’m not sure how much this retailed for as it was a gift but I think it is worth around the £15.00 mark.
Inside the box on the left hand side is two design ideas complete with pictures plus an expert hint and tip which I think is really cute, on the right hand side are the products, so let’s take a look at what is inside:
*Two large sets of nail transfers
* Nail tweezers
* Nail glue
* Nail gems
* Two nail art pens (black and white)
* Nail glitter
* Nail scissors
* Orange stick/cuticle pusher
* Nail file
* Five nail polishes

I’m going to start with some of the little bits and pieces first, the tweezers are very good, they have a great grip and are small and compact. I also was pleasantly surprised by the nail pens, they have a micro nib but you can also unscrew the tops for a thin tipped brush. The scissors are metal and the nail file is also high quality, the plastic cuticle pushers isn’t the best but it does do the job. The glue is quite strong (but not so strong it’ll wreck your nails) and the 3D black star nail gems are super cute and sturdy.

Onto the polishes now and there is five, me and Rachel (over at tried all five of them to get a feel for the formulas and colours and we were really impressed. The polishes included are all from the Seventeen Nail Colour range and the shades are as follows:
*Pink Lemonade – A very sheer pale pink that can be built up to be a baby pink shade
* Ruby Gem – A deep plummy purple that looks great on the toes (was opaque in one coat)
* Carribean Coral – A fiery red coral, I didn’t expect to like this but it was gorgeous again it was opaque in one coat and had a super glossy finish similar to Ruby Gem.
*Navy Glint – A deep navy blue this took two coats but offered a very shimmery almost glittery finish with an opaque colour.
* Moonstruck – A metallic silver (opaque in one coat)

All of the polishes really impressed me, Navy Glint did take two coats but the rest were opaque or incredibly glossy looking with one coat. The finishes were beautiful and they didn’t chip instantly either. I also fell head over heels for the coral shade, never once have I fallen for a coral colour before but this has truly stolen my heart – thanks Seventeen.

I’m not going to show you every look we did but we did paint out toenails and we added some transers for Rachel’s toenails which are still in place two days later! On our fingers I used Pink Lemonade on Rachel, we did try to use the nail glitter on her thumb but it didn’t stick to the polish too well so next time we will use the glue – it did prove very tricky to work with.
nail art
On my fingernails I painted my nails with Navy Glint except for my ring fingers which I painted with Moonstruck. I also added some nail gems to the silver accent nails for a galaxy themed style which I adored.

Overall I really love this kit and I’m so impressed with it, this is no longer available in stores (but you can get it from Ebay), Seventeen have released a different version of the Nail Clash Collection which is available here for twenty pounds, I think it’s a great gift for any nail art lovers.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button and let me know in the comments what you think of this kit and the designs, would you pick one up?

Thanks for reading.


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