Fudge Urban Iced Raspberry and Vanilla Hairspray Review

I’m always on the hunt for the perfect hairspray, my hair is naturally wavy-curly is frizz prone and flyaway prone so a decent hairspray that can hold my flyaways in place in a must. I’ve seen this floating around and I love the smell of raspberries and vanilla so I decided to pick this up, here’s my thoughts.
fudge hairspray
I would have never thought that orange and pink would go together but actually this makes a cool retro combination that I quite like. Although this may seem pricier than most hairsprays this is only £4.99 for a 290ml can.

In terms of the scent this truly is gorgeous, this really does have a raspberry and vanilla scent that is chilled and scents the hair as well which I love.

The product description is as follows:
Soft touch anti-frizz hold spray. Indulge the sense and lock in your style with seductive Urban Iced Raspberry and Vanilla Strong Hold Hairspray. It has Anti Frizz properties and 24 hours of hold.”

In terms of the formula of this I’m not sure I would class it as anti-frizz but it does definitely hold my flyaways in place (mostly) without making my hair crunchy or crispy, this also brushes out unlike most hair products or hairsprays that hold everything in place.

Overall I do like this, I would repurchase and I would recommend, I’m still searching for the perfect hairspray that can keep everything down without causing itchiness or crispiness but this is the closest I’ve gotten so far.

The Fudge Urban Iced Raspberry and Vanilla Hairspray is available here for £4.99.

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