Rimmel London Stir It Up Eyeshadow in Out of the Blue Review

I’m often intrigued by different concepts within the makeup industry so when I received an eyeshadow for Christmas that I’d not spotted before I was pretty excited, I’ve tried cream eyeshadows, powders and powder to creams but never have I tried an eyeshadow that is cream with a layer of powder on the top, here’s my thoughts.
In terms of the packaging it’s nothing groundbreaking, clear plastic with a flip up lid is what you get with this, you can see the eyeshadow inside and it does look very pretty, the powder looks particularly lovely with a blue and purple metallic duochrome merged together. I’m not sure how much this was as it was given as a gift.
inside swatch
The powder side is absolutely lovely, I adore the shades mixed together and think they are very pretty together but I don’t think this concept works. Underneath the layer of powder is a mint green cream eyeshadow which isn’t my usual shade but I thought I would give it a go. Sadly the cream eyeshadow let’s down this product.
on me
(First applied)
I tried this both with and without primer but sadly this creases almost instantaneously, the product is too slippery almost grease like so simply slips and slides leaving a mess behind which is a real shame, it is pretty but it just doesn’t last and it’s not something I could wear out knowing how badly it creases.
(Five minutes later)
Overall the concept is nice but the formula isn’t up to scratch however I do think that if the powder parts were released seperately as full eyeshadows these would be much nicer. I wouldn’t repurchase nor recommend though.

These eyeshadows appear to be discontinued however they are still available online at retailers such as Amazon and Ebay.

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3 Responses to Rimmel London Stir It Up Eyeshadow in Out of the Blue Review

  1. Jess Leeman says:

    That’s such a weird concept to have a shadow like that

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