Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Perfume Review

I have to admit Taylor Swift isn’t someone that I particularly love or hate, I like some of her music and dislike others, but I do have to say that she knows how to make a good perfume. Here’s why:
perfume box wonderstruck
So this is the Taylor Swift perfume both boxed and unboxed, the bottle is a translucent blue then when held up to the light glows blue (I love it and I will have a photo on here to show you) and shows you how much you have left. The golden lid has little charms dangling from it which is super cute, the box I can give or take but let’s be honest noone cares about the boxes so much. I purchased the 30ml for £10.00 from Savers.

The Perfume Notes are as follows:
Top Notes: Raspberry, Dewberry, Green Tea, Fressia, Apple Blossom
Heart Notes: Sweet Vanilla, Sun Drenched Honeysuckle and White Hibiscus
Base Notes: Golden Amber, Musk, Sandalwood, Peach

This scent is described as a charming gourmand due to the combination of fruity notes and florals on a wooden background. I happen to love raspberry and dewberry scents and I can definitely smell the raspberry, apple blossom and sweet vanilla, this manages to be sweet, warm and comforting without being too young or tacky.
lit up
(Look at that glow!)
Let’s now talk about sillage and dry down, initially when I spray this the sweetness overpowers the fruitness but I think that is due to the floral notes as well, I can smell some of the fruity notes and when the perfume dries down it leaves behind a sweet scent.

Sadly the longevity isn’t too great on this, if I spray this in a morning I won’t be able to smell it a few hours later which is disappointing, but you know what? I can totally accept this because the scent, bottle and low price is more than enough.

Overall I do really like this, I would repurchase and I would recommend this to those who like sweet scents, I have to say I smelled the one in the red bottle (Enchanted) which is quite similar but smells yummy too, I’ve very impressed Taylor.

The Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Eau De Parfum 30ml is available here for £15.00.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button, let me know in the comments what you think of this perfume or if you would like to try it!

Thanks for reading.


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