Rimmel London Lasting Finish Nude Foundation Review

I’ve become quite the fan of the Rimmel London Lasting Finish Foundation so when I got my hands on a sample of the Nude version I thought it would be fun to try especially after hearing everyone rave about it, so here’s my thoughts.
Rimmel London sample
So this is the sample sachet and it has an image of what the bottle looks like, the foundation bottle is similar to the original Lasting Finish foundation only that has a red lid and this one has a white lid.

The product claims are as follows:
Our new lightweight formula blends smoothly and evenly hiding fine lines & imperfections for a poreless, seamless complexion. The fluid texture is enhanced with a moisturising serum gel for a feeling like you’re wearing nothing at all. Natural-looking, flawless coverage, without the weight. Your coverage remains true from morning to night with a rub and smudge resistant formula for up to 25 hours.”

Starting with the shade and as I’ve mentioned a dozen and one times I have fair to pale skin with yellow undertones, in the Match Perfection foundation I’m Ivory but for the others I’m light porcelain so this was a little too dark for me.

The ideabehind this foundation is that it is supposed to look like your skin but better and have a lightweight feel but in all honesty this actually felt heavier on the skin than the original Lasting Performance foundation which is the one I wear daily, this also seemed to look a tad cakey which really surprised me.

on me

This does have good coverage but I didn’t like the texture, it did seem to cover but was harder to blend than I imagined, I thought the serum would make the foundation glide more but in actuality it seemed to just weigh the product down. I love a good medium coverage foundation but I don’t like things that make me feel like I’m wearing a mask and sadly I felt like my skin couldn’t breathe with this.

On the brighter side for those who love a glowy finish you may get on with this depending on your personal preferences, but if like me you then go in with concealer and powder I wouldn’t say that this is a good option because you will feel like you’ve trowelled on the makeup.

Overall, I wouldn’t purchase this myself I prefer the original version, I wouldn’t recommend it but I wouldn’t not recommend it either.

The Rimmel London Lasting Finish Nude Foundation is available here for £7.99.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button, let me know in the comments if you have tried this foundation and what you think.

Thanks for reading.


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