Orly Nail Lacquer in Monroe Red Review

One nail polish brand that I’ve heard a lot about is Orly, I’ve seen swatches but in all honesty the tiny bottles with the higher than average price always put me off, so when I got the shade Monroe Red free with a Cosmopolitan magazine I jumped at the chance to try the brand, especially as red is great for the colder months.
So this is the polish and as you can see I really wasn’t joking about the small bottle. The shade Monroe Red is a true red which I find quite difficult to find with nail polishes as many tend to be pink red rather than true red. This isn’t a budget friendly nail polish at a whopping £10.50 on Look Fantastic – really Orly?

The shade itself is very pretty, but it did take two coats for the colour to be truly red and not pinky red which was a tad disappointing, the brush was standard for this, no fat brush just a bog standard brush style, I didn’t use a top coat and this dried at an average speed.

I do like the finish which is glossy but it’s not the glossiest finish I’ve ever tried, personally I find the Barry M Gelly Hi Shines to offer a glossier finish, plus they last a good week before chipping whereas this lasted three days.
on me
(my nails after three days – staring to chip but not majorly after three days)

Overall I was underwhelmed but this, it was okay but nothing special, nothing terrible. The colour is pretty but would I fork out over a tenner for it again? Definitely not.

Not a bad product, but to me it’s overpriced, especially for a small bottle, sorry Orly but I doubt I’ll be repurchasing this.

The Orly Nail Lacquer in Monroe Red is available here for £10.50.


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